Monday, October 7, 2013

Montana Writer's Conference a Success by Rita Karnopp

The Montana Romance Writer’s Conference in Billings, Montana, was another success.  This was the second year the MT RWA put on a writing conference, something that’s scarce in Montana.

I was excited to be there – representing Books We Love (BWL) with my books in print for the signing and with information readers need to find and connect with the wonderful authors at BWL.

A division between published and self-published authors became apparent and definitely unexpected.  Published authors made it known they’ve paid their dues in order to be accepted as an author for a reputable publisher.

Published authors voiced their concerns and encouraged self-publishing authors to study the art of writing.  Equally important they should hire an experienced editor before even considering releasing their self-published ebook.

A common thread of fear – poorly written ebooks could flood the market, hurting both published and self-published authors.

No doubt we hear a lot about readers who just refuse to accept the electronic reading choices available to them – they still want to hold a book in their hands.  As time goes on, it’s obvious printed books will be in less demand.  Ebooks are taking the market by storm, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

Please check out my newly released book, Thunder.

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a volatile, exciting, and action-packed world and even more so behind the scenes.   Keme (Thunder), a Blackfeet fan favorite wrestler at the top of his game, is found hanging from the rafters of his training facility.  Is it murder . . . or suicide?

Thunder’s fiancĂ© and undercover FBI agent, Chloe Evans has been posing as an employee selling memorabilia at WWE events - looking for evidence of blood diamonds.  And now Thunder is dead and his daughter is missing.  She has no choice but to work with his prejudiced and stubborn brother, Mingan, to save Nuttah and expose the truth about Thunder’s death. 

Mingan (Gray Wolf) is certain his twin brother wouldn’t commit suicide.  Entering the world of professional wrestling and fulfilling Thunder’s obligations, Mingan begins by scrutinizing everything around Thunder’s life, starting with the beautiful and haunting Chloe.  As hard as he tries to keep her at a distance, he is pulled to her like adrenaline on a choke hold.  If they find his niece, they will find his brother’s killer . . . or will they uncover something more sinister going on? 
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