Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Autumn Delights



Every season has its charms. My favorite is Autumn, when leaves turn color, air feels crisper and a fresh energy animates the muscles.

Of three months duration, autumn begins with mid-September’s Fall equinox and ends on mid-December’s winter’s solstice, marking the transition from summer to winter. In popular North American culture, however, autumn starts on September 1, Labor Day, and is associated with the end of vacations and the return to school.

I have always enjoyed long drives in the country during this season. Forests turn brilliant shades of red, yellow and orange, while wheat fields glow a healthy gold. While Alberta certainly boasts brilliant fall foliage, especially in the mountains, the forests of maple on the Canadian and American east coast are certainly more popular and a tourist attraction in their own right.

I vividly remember childhood visits to apple farms during this season. My parents would take my sisters and me to a farms that offered us the chance to pick and purchase ripe apples from their trees (not to mention the ones I ate for free!)

For many, autumn is the season for football and hockey. Children join hockey and football leagues at this time, either at school or at local community centers. Baseball’s World Series is played in autumn, while professional hockey and football seasons commence at this time. With the beginning of university and high-school, varsity sports get in on the action.

Dia de Los Muertos

Autumn is renowned as the season for festivals. Thanksgiving celebrates the bounty of the land and Halloween is associated with carved pumpkins and gift-giving. England has its Harvest Festival, the Moon Festival is celebrated in East Asia, Oktoberfest in Germany and Mexico has its Dia de Los Muertos. I enjoy celebrating Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights, with fellow community members at the local community center or at the temple in Calgary.

Mohan Ashtakala (www.mohanauthor.com) is the author of The Yoga Zapper, a fantasy and Karma Nation, a literary romance. He is published at Books We Love (www.bookswelove.com.)


  1. In Phoenix Arizona, in the middle of the desert, the seasons are not as marked, but the forest up north in the mountains does turn colors. What we like best about the fall is the fall in temperatures. We are still in triple digits, but the nights are cooler. By Halloween, we'll be enjoying the nicest weather.

  2. I also love the autumn season. In Ontario, Canada, the colouring is breath-taking.


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