Tuesday, April 13, 2021


My first memory as a reader was of my mother reading a wonderfully illustrated copy of The Wizard of Oz when I was suffering with the mumps. I was so enthralled that I forgot all about my achy body. Ah, the power of story!

I dedicated my first published novel to my mom, because the best thing the novel taught me was how much I loved her ... as much as the heroine loved her mother. Ah, the power of storytelling!

I lost my mom this month. She died peacefully just shy of her 102nd birthday.  

Conceived during the last world pandemic, she grew up in the Devil's Kitchen of New York City in an apartment full of love but very little money. She married my dad at 17 and became a professional mother of 10, grandmother of 29, and great grandmother of 20. The youngest is our little Desmond and they are 100 years apart. 

My mom's name was Kitty. She had many adventures. Her life is full of story.


  1. Great post. I remember the stories you've told about your mother during the eyars we were critique partners. Sending love, too you and yours

  2. Thanks for sharing these happy times with your mother. What a beautiful family. And reading stories to children definitely encourages them to become avid readers... or writers.

    1. Indeed it does, Vijaya. Desmond and I were just reading Where's Spot? today together.

  3. Oh, my heart. Thanks for sharing, Eileen.


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