Monday, February 17, 2014

It's Official - I'm Famous - by Ginger Simpson

I often 'Google' my name to see what new things crop up, and I was shocked to find myself listed on the following site: Wiki Names/Ginger 

There I am...listed as a FAMOUS person along with Ginger Rogers. Wow! 
I realize that anyone can add to Wikipedia, but somewhere out there is at least ONE person who thinks I deserve to be recognized. How cool is that?


* Ginger Rogers: actress
* Ginger Baker: drummer
* Ginger Beaumont: baseball player
* Ginger Clark: baseball player
* Ginger Commodore: Jazz musician
* Ginger Leigh: vocalist
* Ginger Lynn: actress
* Ginger Simpson: writer
* Ginger Shinault: baseball player
* Ginger Spice (stage name): pop singer
* Ginger Wadsworth: writer
* Ginger Whitaker: writer

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