Sunday, March 18, 2012

Magic! The very word conjures images of sorcery, enchantment, bewitchment, and well, magic. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all practice magic--the good kind, that is, not dark magic. It is said that Wicca is the fastest growing religion in the United States. Most witches make a grimoire, or Book of Shadows. This is a blank book in which a witch writes down any information she thinks might be interesting or useful to her as a witch. Wiccans worship many goddesses and have many age-old traditions. Their motto is to do no harm. Here are two books that deal with magic, "The Wicca Handbook" by Eileen Holland and "Earth Mother Magic" by Judika Illes. Whether or not you believe in magic, it's enlightening to read about it.

Magic plays a part in several of my romances. In my fantasy novella, "Midnight for Morgana" a good witch helps Morgana achieve her dream of attending a fair near their village. The witch decks her out in gorgeous finery and provides her with a white horse. Prince Keir spies her at the fair and feels sure she is a princess. After all, Morgana is beautiful and is dressed so finely, she surely must be a princess. And only a princess will do as a wife for Prince Keir. But when he visits Morgana at her house, the prince is the last person Morgana wants to see. And the prince gets the surprise of his life.

"Night Secrets," a fantasy romance, also involves magic. Princess Keriam can spirit travel, an ability she fears may be mistaken for magic, should anyone discover her. Magic is forbidden in the kingdom of Avador. Should she be caught, she would be burned at the stake. Not even her father, the king, could save her. Roric, the king's courier, fears magic, certain that magic killed his wife and son years ago. He wants to love Keriam but fears she practices the craft. Radegunda is a good witch who aids Princess Keriam and the king. But she and Keriam must defeat Aradia, who practices black magic. Aradia conspires with the evil Balor to kill the king and take control of the kingdom. Can good magic overcome evil in the kingdom of Avador?

In "The Princess and the Curse" the fisherman Nolan Tremaine is charged with the task of sailing to a far distant realm and bringing back the bell of Bellarmine. A good witch enables him in his quest, and when he arrives at the far distant country, he finds that the bell is really the Belle of Bellarmine. Princess Leslie is a very unhappy woman who must marry an evil prince who has put a curse on the land. The wicked spell has made all the women barren, and only by her marriage to the evil prince will this curse be lifted.  Nolan wants to help her and take her away, but how can a humble fisherman save her from her fate? And will the good witch help him again?

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