Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Meet Author Ann Cory

Ann Cory was born and raised in Oregon with an overactive imagination, and a love of words. With the loving support of her family, she’s able to devote time to her craft.

She enjoys writing sweet and spicy romance in an array of genres including paranormal, contemporary, historical, urban fantasy, ménage, and western.

BWL: How long have you been writing and in what genres?

AC: I’ve been writing for publication about eight years now, though I’ve been writing all my life. Genres I write include horror, erotica, fantasy, paranormal, western, contemporary, historical, ménage, BDSM, sensual romance, and more.

BWL: Where you do get your inspiration?

AC: Inspiration hits me often when I’m baking, decorating, or outside surrounded by nature. Inspiration can be a word or phrase, lyrics to a song, in a conversation my husband and I are having, and many times from a picture.

BWL: Tell us about your book(s).

AC: Penny Serenade: Tokens of the Heart Book One is a contemporary erotic romance that introduces us to Audrey Kessler who runs a new age gift shop – Tokens of the Heart. 

Audrey has worked hard to get where she is, and her shop has been a success with the locals. Love hasn’t been the same success. When Dominic Blume enters her shop, she wonders if he might be the one, but the first impressions are all wrong. This book also follows other characters who readers can expect to follow throughout the rest of the series.   

The shop, Tokens of the Heart, was inspired by a quaint little shop in Gleneden Beach, Oregon called The Crystal Wizard. Whenever I go there I’m immediately swept up in its magic.

BWL: What about your next book?  Will it be part of a series or a stand alone?  Can you give us a taste to whet our appetites?

AC: Currently I’m working on the sequel to Midnight’s Sweet Kiss, the telling of Olivia and Tate’s story, as well as the second and third books in the Tokens of the Heart series. Since I’m generally tackling several stories at once, along with shorter stories, I’m sure there will plenty more soon.

BWL: What are your hobbies and interests?

AC: I enjoy reading, writing poetry, dancing, going to rock concerts, baking, playing board games with the family, watching movies, and interior decorating.

BWL: What does the future hold for you?

AC: I’ll be juggling my first love, writing, with full-time classes at my local college to prepare for a job as a medical office specialist.

BWL: Where can readers find you?

BWL: Thanks Ann!