Sunday, January 20, 2013

See the gorgeous cover for LADY OF LUXEMBOURG

LADY OF LUXEMBOURG, Book 4 of the Curse of the Lost Isle medieval series, now has a cover. It's a romantic story involving magic and a family of immortal Pagan ladies, seeking redemption from a curse.

I am thrilled with this cover, designed by Michelle Lee. She always comes up with wonderful graphics and effects. The book involves the fires of hell and the heroine is threatened to burn at the stake. Here is the blurb:


978 AD - Melusine the Fae, immortal and cursed Lady of Luxembourg, managed to hide her Pagan nature from mortals for many years. She fiercely protects her handsome Count, Sigefroi, but in their princely bliss, neither of them seems to age, and a few suspicious bishops take notice. Then an ondine wreaks havoc during a battle, luring enemy soldiers into the river.

Betrayed, Sigefroi reflects on his many sins from the depths of a rat infested dungeon. Under torture, will he reveal her deadly secret? And when her beloved turns into a devout Christian, can Melusine salvage her happiness? Can love truly redeem her curse, or will she burn at the stake?

The novel is coming out in kindle within a few days. 
In the meantime, you can read the first three novels in the series. Find them on Amazon HERE The Special Edition includes the first three novels in one download.


Vijaya Schartz
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