Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Blame Game by Jamie Hill

I've been working on a romantic suspense series for the last two years. Already have the first two covers, absolutely love them, but the stories just haven't rattled my cage enough to come out yet. I finally decided to set them aside and think about something else. What a great decision! In the past couple months, I came up with a new romance series, The Blame Game, and the first book is already available at Amazon. 

Blame it on the Stars
The Blame Game, Book One

Teacher Catlin McCall has second thoughts about dating the father of a student, but listening to his sweet talk one night under the stars, she finds him hard to resist. They stumble into an impetuous, passionate relationship which leaves them breathless and his family less than thrilled. A not-quite-ex-wife who decides she wants her man back, combined with a pair of manipulative teenagers, make for more problems than either of them are prepared to deal with. 

Steve Naughton has no idea when he invites Catlin’s brother to join them for dinner that his fiancĂ©e has family issues of her own. Like the old adage, no good deed goes unpunished, and Steve’s surprise backfires when the truth comes to light. 

“You feel like your life got thrown up in the air, and it’s landing as a different sort of life? Yeah, me too.”  Blame it on the stars.

The first three reviews are each 5 stars.

“This book is an awesome read. Jamie has you hooked from the start! Every time I thought I knew what was gonna happen she brought in something new. I can’t wait for the next book. This book needs read by everyone!” ~ 5 Stars, Lisa, Amazon Verified Purchase

“I have always thoroughly enjoyed Jamie Hill’s writings and this was no exception. This story feels believable about a new romance, but life has a way of throwing the couple a curve ball I did not see coming! It is a fast read, and I love the Midwest setting. I recommend this book.” ~ 5 Stars, Maggie, Amazon Verified Purchase

“She had me from the beginning and I didn't want to stop reading until I finished it! Just when I was thinking "happily ever after" for the main characters, she brought in old relationships for them to deal with. Can't wait to read the next book!” 5 Stars, CMT, Amazon Verified Purchase 

The kind enthusiasm for book one has motivated me to finish book two, Blame it on the Moon, and release it earlier than planned. It should be available at Amazon the first week in Sept. And book three, Blame it on the Sun, is well under way! (My wonderful editor Roxanne has already prompted me to tell a fourth story, so don't rule out a book four.) 

And props to BWL Art Director Michelle Lee for another awesome set of covers. I am totally thrilled with these and have them pasted up on the wall of my home office for inspiration!

If you like sweet romance with a little bit of heat, sassy characters and kids that are too cute for their own good, come on a journey with me and read The Blame Game!

~ Jamie