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Meet Books We Love Author Killarney Sheffield

Killarney Sheffield is an award winning romance author from the rustic Canadian prairies. She lives on a cattle ranch with her five kids. When she is not penning historical romantic adventures she fills her time with her Thoroughbred stallion 'Stamp de Gold', whom she affectionately calls 'Love Monkey', and her herd of AQHA mares.

BWL: How long have you been writing and in what genres? 
KS: I penned my first novel at age 12 called 'Buck'. It was about a wild buckskin stallion and I did all my own illustrations too. However, I signed my first novel contract back in 2010 with a historical romantic adventure called Guilty Kisses now republished with BooksWe Love as The Cracksman's Kiss. Incidentally I also made headlines in many newspapers with the book as I was able to talk 1980's Juno winner/singer/songwriter GOWAN into loaning me a lovely ballad called 'Love Make's You Believe' for the books trailer. AND for those of you wondering who Gowan is or where he ended up, he is the lead singer for the band Styxx. 

BWL: Where you do get your inspiration?
KS: LOL, inspiration comes from so many sources! One of my novel's was inspired by my youngest son's black Holland Lop rabbit, one from a very old Harlequin plot that I thought I could twist even more, one from a show on Animal planet about using mini horses as guide animals for the blind and even a current work in progress inspired by the show Urban Legends. Sometimes it's simply from a snippet of a conversation in my head between two characters begging me to tell their story. 

BWL: Tell us about your book(s). 
KS: I have over 15 published titles now and my 4 original novels have been re written and published here with BooksWe Love. They are historical romances however I am just one of those gals who needs more than crowded ballrooms and pretty manners in a story. I need danger, intrigue, sword fights, damsels and even sometimes heroes in distress! I try to be light on historical info, robust on romance and season with plenty of action so my characters find themselves in ship wrecks, jungles, prisons and lots of foreign countries. In fact, speaking of foreign countries one of my new releases here is called To Love A Horseguard and it is set in Russia, what a wonderful and rich in history country that was to write about! I also try to play around with my heroines a little. They are not all swooning debutantes, for instance in Stand & Deliver Your Love my heroine is a female highway woman, in others words a coach robber who gets herself into a heap of trouble. I love to explore the social politics of the 1800's as well like in The Cracksman's Kiss. It is amazing just how much trouble a young lady to get herself in by allowing one forbidden kiss. Sometimes I like to delve a little deeper into more serious topics of the time period like the fight for Women's Lib in my 2013 Epic Award finalist re-write The Courtesan. So, if you a like a little more to your romances than just boy meets girl and falls in love, happy ever after you might enjoy the books I have on offer here. 

BWL: What about your next book?  Will it be part of a series or a stand alone?  Can you give us a taste to whet our appetites? 
KS:  My next books you mean LOL! I currently have 15 works in progress. I find when a story fizzles on me I like to get the muse going again with another project, what doesn't work for one story often works for another. When the muse gets going really strong is when the book gets finished. I guess one manuscript close to being finished is my first ever apocalyptic romantic adventure 'Imram; A Story Forever.' It is the story of a young woman in a domed city who discovers that the world outside might exist as it did before. It is the tale of her fight for freedom, oppression and for her true love. I hope to finish it by spring 2014. 

BWL: Why did you choose to publish electronically? 
KS: LOL, I didn't, it chose me. Actually, I myself prefer paperback. I have an ereader gathering dust in my closet. I hate it and enjoy curling up by the fire with a blanket and a good old fashioned paperback. According to many of my fans they feel the same way and are eagerly awaiting my releases in paperback. I guess in the small Canadian prairie towns we are a little old-fashioned yet. :) 

BWL: What are your hobbies and interests?
KS: Hobbies? Wow, I seem to remember having those a long time ago... Between 5 kids, writing, workshops, a commercial cattle ranch, my thoroughbred stallion and Quarter Horse mares I have little time for hobbies LOL!

BWL: What does the future hold for you? 
KS:  Well, I hope many more books!

BWL: Where can readers find you?


  1. Hi, Killarney, welcome to Books We Love.

  2. Another welcome. Will look for your books

  3. Yet another welcome to BWL, the best place to be.

  4. Welcome to BWL…your books look fantastic and I know they are because I've read a few. :)

  5. Oh….and you'd better dust off the e-reader. You'll be needing it!

  6. Hi Killarney,
    Welcome to BWL, lovely to find out mor about you. Sounds like you hve an interesting but busy life. Congratulations on the release.



  7. Congratulations and welcome. My E-reader is ready and I'll be reading your book soon. Wishing you much success.

  8. Welcome, Killarney! Your ranch sounds wonderful

  9. Welcome Killarney. Love your name and the sound of your books. Fortunately I enjoy my eReader so I won't be waiting for the paperback versions of yours to read them. Good luck with the 15 WIPs!

  10. Hi Killarney and welcome to Books We Love, you'll love it here. Good luck with the new releases! :)

  11. Thank you all so much! I look forward to getting to know all of you and reading your books when I can squeeze a few into my busy schedule.


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