Monday, December 16, 2013

The Night Before Christmas ~ A Poem by Shirley Martin

'Twas the night before Christmas                               
And inside my house
I sat at the computer
Clicking the mouse
My writing was great
And I couldn't complain
So I thought I'd celebrate
With a glass of champagne
But it's time for a break
I thought with elation
But how much time should I take
When I take my vacation?
Oh, I'll see it all
I'll see Venice and Rome
But after the Taj Mahal
'Twould be time to come home
I headed for the kitchen
To get the champagne
While thinking I'm just itchin'
To see Paris again.
As I took a sip
I heard the door chimes
And a woman outside called,
"I'm from the New York Times."
I opened the door
And there before me
The woman said, "You're the very person
"I've wanted to see."
"You're on our bestseller list,"
She quickly explained.
"Why, you're all I thought of
Before I even deplaned."
I gasped and I stammered
I turned ten shades of red
I giggled and said, "This
All goes to my head." 
"And look what we have here,"
She said in shrill tones.
"A big brass band with
Seventy-six trombones."
I turned from the doorway
And there on the street
A band started playing
With an ear busting beat.
"Now don't complain about the noise," she said,
"And don't call the cops.
Just listen to these girls and boys
Why, they think you're tops." 
"May I come visit a while,"
She asked with a smile.
"I've come all the way from New York
So let's pop the cork."
My success was assured
Or so it would seem
But then I woke up
It had all been a dream!
Still, 'twas a nice dream
When all's done and said,
So I set down my drink
And went on to bed.
Copyright (C) 2013 Shirley Martin
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