Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lists, Lists, Lists ala Janet Lane Walters

Today, I'm going to talk about lists. I love lists and making them is how I find my way around this world of writing. Do you make lists? My pleasure is in checking off what I've listed to be done. It's called organization and without my lists I would flitter about like a butterfly.

I'm at my desk with my computer and in front of me are lists, four of them. One of those lists is all about who I am where. Sounds confusing but one must always know who and where they are. Another list has the names of those who will be guests on my blog on Friday and Saturday. Mostly to remind me to make sure they have sent me the needed material. The third list is one that tells me when I have books on sale at Amazon. I try to keep them in order so I will know when the next round happens. Since I write under 2 names, this is important. The fourth list is one of all my books. If I didn't have that I might forget a book that I wrote. Imagine the amazement to be reading something and wonder who wrote this book. Could be happy or sad. I could have written one of those stories one deletes from wherever they're reading.

Those lists are just a few. I have lists for each book I work on and I really delight when I can check off a draft that I've written and can cut a few more days off my writing schedule. I make lists when I'm packing for a trip. Believe me, if it's not on the list, it doesn't get packed. This can be a near disaster when one arrives at a destination and realizes something vital was left off the list. Sometimes I make lists of lists.

Lists accompany me to the grocery story and other shopping venues. I make lists of the books I want to buy and read.

How about you? Do you like lists or do you manage to flit through life without a list to keep you grounded and organized?