Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tricia McGill on Friends and Lovers

Ah sweet love!

Love comes in many guises. In my life I’ve known three forms of abiding love. The kind that comes with always having a loving family around you—the kind that comes with a long and comfortable marriage with a steady, dependable man—and what is known as the “Grand Passion”. Hopefully everyone gets to experience this last one at least once in their life. My late husband was my best friend. He knew things about me no one else did, even my family.

            Each love brings a certain amount of heartache and has varying degrees of laughter and tears attached. I know I’ve been blessed, as some people know no love at all in their entire barren lifetime.

            Let’s face it, love as sung about in most songs, is a fleeting and fragile thing. Where would Country and Western singers have enough to write about without the heartache brought on by losing a lover. I likely chose romance as my choice of genre because of my smugness in having known great love. True enduring love as experienced by two people of whatever gender is a wonderful thing. Fate, Destiny, My Guardian Angel, call her what you will, has been more than kind to me. She’s always guided me to take the best and most rewarding fork in the road as I meander through the pathways that is life. 
As for friends, I’ve been so lucky in my life as I’ve always had friends around me I can depend on. What is it they say? “A true friend is the one who will help you bury a body!” Well please let’s hope I never have to call on any of mine to do such a task. I have friends back home in England that I only hear from once a year (at Christmas) but these have been steady for over 50 years. Friends have come and gone in different stages of my life but some are constant. I have long-time friends who live interstate that I catch up with rarely but they still remain firm friends I can call on in an emergency (hopefully not one where a body is involved). I have a friend who has promised to care for my dogs should I die before them.

They say there is no such thing as a platonic friendship between a man and woman, but I think this not entirely true. Some of my best friends are male and truth be told I have always liked the company of these platonic ones. I like how men’s minds work (well the part that is understandable to a mere female). They have such a different way of looking at life to us females—more uncomplicated. And they take such pleasure in the simple things—such as absconding to their shed or workroom to potter about for hours doing who knows what. They don’t care if the dishes are left in the sink or if the bed is unmade at three in the afternoon, there’s more important things in life.

Then there’s my super cyber friends. Most of these live in far flung corners of the world and I will never get to meet them face to face. But they are also constant, some having been a guide and help to me through varying parts of my writing career, providing assistance and advice that helped me on the way to becoming better at my craft. I’ve always considered myself a simple story-teller, following my heart rather than my head, but without the advice gained via this wonderful world of the internet where would any of us be today.

Most of my characters have good friends to help them through their worst troubles. In Mystic Mountains Bella has Gracie who befriends her during the horrendous trip from England on the transport ship, then she has Thelma to watch over her when she arrives in the colony.

I love my family but…


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  1. Great post. Friends are those who if you haven't seen for a time because of distance, you can pick up the conversation as though it was yesterday.

  2. I enjoyed your post. I'm looking forward to a class reunion next month where I'll get to schmooze with old friends again. There's nothing better!

  3. True, Tricia! Great post.

  4. True friends are real treasures. My oldest friendship spans 52 years. So many other things may come and go but the best friendships endure.

  5. Great to hear all your comments. Where would we be without our friends?

  6. Charming post--straight from a warm heart!

  7. Hi Tricia,
    What a lovely post. You are so right. True friends are like gold. You certainly sound as if you have had plenty of love in your life, but I can understand that, because you are a lovely lady.



  8. Nice post, Tricia,
    Yep, we all have friends that even though we only see them once in a while, when we do get together we pick up right where we left off.
    We enjoyed hearing about all the loves in your life. And we hope to meet you some day.

  9. What a wonderful post, Tricia!

    Having spent many years together in the same writing group, I feel priviledged to be able to call you friend.

    It's funny how the world has evolved - these days some of our closest friends are via the internet!


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