Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wild Blue Mysteries

It's hard to believe it's been an entire year since The Bookstore Lady was first released. Even more amazing my second book The Mystery Lady was released earlier this year and yet a third book awaits in the wings.

The Wild Blue Detective Agency began with Danny Walker, a police officer, and Leo Blue, retired soldier, who began the agency in order to go undercover and stop a ruthless criminal named Maddox. In trying to take Maddox down, Danny Walker needs to track Paulina Chourney, Maddox's mistress. 

Lovely, blonde Paulina escapes Maddox and arrives in the fictional small town of Packham, praying the men she worked for would never think to look for her in a small town. She gives herself a total makeover, changes her name to Katie Mullins, then makes a deal on a little bookstore she renovates and breathes new life into. Fate (and her real estate agent) brings her to rent a room in an elderly lady's home and Katie is thrust into a local writing group, successfully fading into anonymity. 

That is, until Danny Walker wanders into town to visit family and figures out who she is. 
And now for a taste of The Bookstore Lady. Enjoy!

Dunnsforth’s body lay on the beach. His legs bobbed on the waves of Lake Erie entwined in the blue and silver scarf clutched in his left hand. The late afternoon sun cast strange shadows over his ashen face. Shoe prints dented the mud where Dunnsforth and his shooter had stepped off the rocks.
Danny held his breath while the forensics guys pulled the corpse higher onto the rocks. He knew that scarf. Paulina wore it to Maddox’s party the night before. Did she have it when they drove back into the city? Whoever shot him wore high-heeled shoes, which eliminated the males at the party. Although, Al Duvall had potential. If he wore a disguise and shaved his moustache, he would make a passable woman.
“Shit.” Bobby Holland was tall and tanned. Both he and Danny joined the Newville Police ten years earlier, but were only paired up two years ago to investigate DMR. “You’d think a classy guy like this could get shot somewhere nice and sunny. I could really use a tropical vacation about now.”
“Same here.” Danny grimaced. The day was a blur of paperwork, evidence gathering and now body collection. “Looks like he took a souvenir from whoever shot him. It looks like the scarf Paulina wore last night.”
“Shot in the right temple. You sure this isn’t a suicide?”
“With Maddox involved? No way.” Danny glanced toward the glass, brick and steel building, Maddox’s summer cottage, the site of the festivities less than twenty-four hours earlier.
He ran a hand through his hair, grateful he didn’t have to wear his disguise for much longer. The shaggy blond wig and beard itched and gave him a rash. He loved undercover work, but hated the makeup.
“Did someone pick up Paulina this morning? We’ll need her statement to make things stick against Maddox and the others. Keep her away from the others.”
Bobby hesitated. “That’s a problem. Oswald got into a fender bender. By the time he got to the motel, Paulina was gone. He went to her apartment but—”
“Let me guess. She skipped town, which means we can’t eliminate her as a suspect since she might have caught up to our vic.” Danny frowned. “Unless you think there’s another body out there.”
“I think it’s worth a look. DMR’s offices are secured, Maddox’s house locked up and some of the people we arrested last night are already out on bail. There are a lot of loose cannons running around.”
One of the forensics investigators picked something off the scarf with tweezers. “Any of your suspects have long blonde hair?”
Bobby chuckled. “Five or six.”
Danny sighed. “Paulina was the only one wearing a scarf like that though.”
“Shit.” Bobby’s smile faded. “You really think she’s the shooter?”
“Anything’s possible. We need to find her.”

Hope you enjoy reading The Bookstore Lady!  

Diane Bator


Stay tuned for The Mystery Lady!