Sunday, August 10, 2014

Get the Fire Extinguisher! - by Cheryl Wright

Oh my. I do love a fun card. And these Girlfriends cards by Art Impressions literally take the cake!

I've seen a few versions of other people's interpretation of this stamp set, appropriately called Giant Cake, and I might have to, ahem, borrow, some of their ideas.

Here's my version:

These cards are absolutely perfect for my age group, and are just so much fun, albeit a little fiddly to color!

I've lashed out, and have ordered two more sets from the Girlfriends range, which should arrive in the next couple of weeks. (They are extremely difficult to buy in Australia, so I have no choice but to buy them from the US.)  I absolutely adore these stamps, and I'm having an absolute ball with them.

It's wonderful to see what other cardmakers have done with these cards, and I spend quite a bit of time - way more than I'd like - on Pinterest seeking them out.

 Since my last post, I've made another card with the Party Girls set. I added some blue hair this time, as it reminded me of the older ladies I knew in my youth. Blue hair was very popular back them, for ladies 'of distinction'.

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