Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy September 18th! by Nancy M Bell

Hello! This is my first monthly post and I'm very happy to be here.

This is me! Photo credit Unique Perspectives Monique de St. Croix

First, just let me say I love Books We Love and how happy I am that I made the brilliant decision to come here. I'm a bit of an eclectic writer. I dabble in poetry, a bit of non fiction and mostly I write YA fantasy and contemporary romance. That being said my current work in progress is a horror/thriller about Jack the Ripper. It's a new twist on the old rehashed theories. Because he could have been anyone, and there are good arguments for quite a few suspects, I basically had carte blanche when it came to how I shaped him. He really is a twisted dark person, but I have tried to give him a bit of a human face. My ultimate goal is not to make the reader like him but to at least feel some sympathy for him at some point in the story. We'll see how that goes.
I'm looking forward to the Masters class with Jack Whyte that I'm attending at the Surrey International Writers Conference. Each participant submits three pages of a work in progress and then Jack reads it out (a treat in itself) and the group discusses what works and what doesn't. It is a very interesting and enlightening process.

Me and Jack Whyte! Taken at Surrey International Writers Conference 2010

Pandora's Boox and Teas in Olds, Alberta is carrying my YA Laurel's Quest on their shelves. If you're up that way or int he neighborhood please drop in and say hi to the owners. The store is chock full of books, cool journals, over 60 types of loose tea and tea paraphernalia. I spent a good hour and a half drooling over the selection. Needless to say I came away with some new reading material and some scrumptious teas.

Christmas Storm is a romance set in Longview, Alberta. I'm working on the last edits and am hoping to have it released by Books We Love in time for the Christmas season. One of the secondary characters is the rescue dog, Storm. She tends to steal whatever scene she is in. LOL Which brings me to my latest adventure... I volunteer with a rescue group in Calgary, Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society. I promised my husband I would only volunteer but not foster... Ummmm Yeah... about that... On Monday I brought home a very pregnant young dog who was surrendered to us. All the whelping foster homes were full and I just couldn't leave her in the kennel all pregnant and... well you know how it goes.

My husband is up for saint hood of course. He never batted an eye. In retrospect he was probably relieved it wasn't a horse, or a sheep, or.... The poor man never knows what will be waiting for him when he gets home at night. We fostered a sheep for over a year until his people got a place where they could keep him with them. I still miss Sheep (I know not very original) His people call him Spot, Doug calls him Ramses. Somehow Sheep just works for me LOL

I hope you'll drop by every month on the 18th and see what new trouble I've gotten myself into. There will be puppy cuteness coming soon so by October 18th there will be pictures. If anyone is in or near Calgary, Alberta this weekend AARCS is having a Jail and Bail on Saturday September 20th, please come by and support the great work this organization does.
You'll notice as you read my books, there is always animals included, usually horses, but not always. In A Step Beyond, book 2 in The Cornwall Adventures, the war stallion is quite the ham. I've grown very fond of him, I must say.

Till next time... Keep reading and I'll keep writing... Cheers

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