Thursday, January 15, 2015

Favorite Cover

Michelle’s Covers
Ten Past Midnight by Jane Toombs  

I like this cover very much. First, because it fits the material perfectly. I love the simplicity of the cover too, and the muted shades of grey and black, the gothic-type font. The book itself contains six stories and three poems on the dark side of paranormal. As it states in the writeup:  ‘Everything from ghouls to the heart-eating Egyptian beast who decides one's fate. Even the touches of romance are definitely different. But what traveler can expect the norm when on the wrong side of midnight? Ten past midnight All's not well. Every road leads right To hell...’

The cover is somewhat reminiscent of cover art of the thirties and forties, and even farther back.  It makes you think of the stories of horror writer  Edgar Allan Poe,  and the likes and times of Jack the Ripper. It has that dark, sinister feel.  Just looking at that cover sends a subtle chill to creep over your skin – in a frighteningly delicious way.  
Read the book.