Thursday, January 15, 2015

These are a few of my favorite covers ...

As promised, here are five of my favorite BWL covers that I have created.  Now keep in mind, I said five of my favorites - not my top five favorites.  As a cover artist, I often pour a little of myself into each cover.

It's just so pretty!


Seriously though, one of my favorite covers to date would have to be Ring Around the Rosy by Roseanne Dowell.  I love the way the red and the gold compliment each other.  The background has a nice kind of mysterious focus to it.

The bleeding rose just enhances it.


* * *

Up next is Into A Dangerous Mind by Tina Gerow.


With this one, I quite simply love the couple.  They are sexy, mysterious, and I love the holding hands.

Again, we have a nice contrast of red with another color, in this case black and the peach skin tone.

Here's the full print wrap - just for fun.

* * *

 Changing focus, let's look at a futuristic - Vijaya Schartz's Alien Lockdown.

With this one, the black is nicely contrasted with the grey/blue of the text and the stars in the background.  The futuristic corridor is faded into a star field to give it that kick.

I also love the woman - she is sexy and sassy and has attitude.

Plus - leather.  Yeah.


* * *

 Another nice cover with a black focus is A Novel Murder by Ginger Simpson.  In this case, the background is black and white, then the foreground of white and peach.

I love the image of the woman with the guy, the couple is so sexy, and I love the almost innocence of the woman on the computer.


* * *
 And for my fifth pick ...

Victoria Chatham's His Dark Enchantress.

It's bright, sexy and the woman makes this cover for me.


Here's the print edition.