Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rain Forest Writers Retreat on Lake Quinault, WA by Nancy M Bell

 Nancy Bell, Author of the Cornwall Adventures, has the first two books in the series released with Books We Love and the third is eagerly awaited and coming soon!
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I have just returned from a writers retreat in the rain forest of Washington state. Rain Forest Resort Village on Lake Quinault. It was an amazing event. The venue is incredible with views of the sunrise and sunset reflected in the waters of the lake. The resort itself is taken over by the participants for the duration. The lounge/bar is open to writers all day and night, with inspirational views of the lake and towering trees. Or, if you're more of a hermit, you can write in your room with your nose to your computer and the Do Not Disturb sign on the door. There is an RV park for those who wish to camp. The resort is also home to the World's largest Spruce tree. It is a truly humbling experience to stand by the monster roots and realize the tree was a sapling 1,000 years ago.

There were two speakers each day to provide inspiration. A margarita party on Saturday night with all kinds of weird and wonderful spirits besides. Not to mention the homemade soup and grill cheese lunch on Friday. I managed to write 13,000 words on my WIP along with some sight seeing and a bit of trail walking. The huge trees were bedecked with long streamers of gray green moss lending a festive air to everything.

Art Boulton form the University Book Store had an offering of books from all participants, mine included which was so cool. Of course I had to take the 'tourist' picture of my books nestled on the shelf.

Registration for 2016 isn't open yet, but I'm waiting impatiently to sign up again. Patrick, who facilitates the event, does a great job. This year for the first time they ran three sessions instead of two. The response is overwhelming and spaces are hard to come by.

If you'd like to find out more about me you can go to my website, or my author page. My latest release is No Absolution a Jack the Ripper story with a twist.
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