Wednesday, April 8, 2015

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We've had some terrific new releases this past month.  From the story of a plantation owner's son who sets out on a terrifying and perilous journey, determined to find the Ohio River and freedom for his best friend and his friend's parents, despite the fact that all three of them are slaves that belong to the young lad's father.

Then we have another of Juliet Waldron's amazing historicals.  This one, the first of a two book set, is based on the early years of Alexander Hamilton, first Secretary of the United States Treasury

Cheers, Chocolate, and Other Disasters will be sure to delight young adults, and with the way the smart and timely way this book deals with issues like bullying and BFFs, it's sure to be appreciated by young readers and parents alike.

For historical fans, Diane Scott Lewis' historical mystery, suspense is an absolute treat.  Readers love Diane's books, and this one is really special.  I'm a mystery reader myself, and I can tell you that this is one book you're going to really have to work to figure out the puzzle before the author finally reveals all.

And Fantasy is definitely on the table. Jane Lane-Walters treats us to two more of her flights to other worlds.  Temple of Fyre and Dragons of Fyre, take us to the mysterious and very scary Island of Fyre.  You won't want to miss these two treats for Fantasy fans.

Frank Talaber, a new to Books We Love author has thrilled us all by bringing his novel based on a legend direct from Haida Gwaii culture.  Set in what was formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, this Native mystery will have you turning the pages as fast as you can.  Raven's Lament is based on a legend as old as the culture.

The second book from ever more popular romantic suspense author Kelly Janicello is sure to delight romance and mystery fans alike.  If you've read, Remember Me? then you're already well acquainted with this authors sharp and witty style, and if you haven't read it yet, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to click the cover of Roses are Red, and get them both.  All BWL new single releases are released as Amazon exclusives and priced at only $2.99.

Last, but definitely not least,  the long awaited Lee Killough, second edition update to The Doppleganger Gambit has finally been released at Amazon.  A very realistic police procedural science fiction... talk about rare, and from a  Hugo nominee, it's a real treat.  As one reviewer said: 

“Police Procedural SF is rare — that makes Ms. Killough’s fun romp all the more appreciated. The characters, plot, indeed the whole future society are very well developed in this novel.” SF Review 34  

 Who murdered Lady Pentreath? The year is 1781, and the war with the American colonies rages across the sea. In Truro, England Branek Pentreath, a local squire, has suffered for years in a miserable marriage. Now his wife has been poisoned with arsenic. Is this unhappy husband responsible? Or was it out of revenge? Branek owns the apothecary shop where Jenna Rosedew, two years a widow, delights in serving her clients. Branek might sell her building to absolve his debts caused by the war—and put her out on the street. Jenna prepared the tinctures for Lady Pentreath, which were later found to contain arsenic. The town’s corrupt constable has a grudge against Branek and Jenna. He threatens to send them both to the gallows. Can this feisty widow and brooding squire come together, believe in each other’s innocence— fight the attraction that grows between them—as they struggle to solve the crime before it’s too late? Five Star Review from Historical Novels Reviews  
What if a native legend came back to life and was saddened by the destruction of his people, their culture and their environment?What if that legend was the Haida creator god Raven and he spirited away the girl you were falling in love with?What if you didn’t believe in native spiritualism and found yourself battling Raven with only a shaman to help you?
Jain Ryan moved to New York City to pursue a career on Broadway. What she didn't figure was falling for and under the watchful eye of NYPD Detective Marcus O'Boyle, her brother's best friend.

 It looks like straightforward suicide to Detective Janna Brill. Starship outfitter Andy Kellener locked himself in his office after hours and took a fatal drug dose. But Brill’s exasperating new partner Mama Maxwell thinks it’s murder, and his chief suspect is Kellener’s partnerCLICK TO BUY