Friday, July 31, 2015

Mankind on Earth by Eleanor Stem

How often have you watched television where a man stands in front of the camera, and motions to a big clock? 12AM is the creation of earth. Going around the clock, you are shown various ‘beginnings’, and around 11:56PM, man is born. 

Giza Pyramids
 Apparently, new evidence indicates man has been around for a little longer than we thought. According to the January 2015 issue of National Geographic, we’ve been producing complex cave art for more than 100,000 years, short by way of the existence of our planet, but longer than scientists had earlier stated. And you never know if those men saw evidence of sentient life before them.

In recent years, ruins have uncovered man’s ingenuity long before we ever expected. They say Turkey’s Gobekli Tepe predates Stonehenge 6,000 years, which is believed to have been constructed around 3,000 BCE. That makes Gobekli Tepe alive and bustling at least 10,000 BCE with peoples who were not loping around like beasts. In order to build, live in, then purposefully bury a city means even more years, possibly 12-14,000 years ago. Who could have done this, when many believe the pyramids around the world are the earliest constructions known to man?
Gobekli Tepe

I have a theory: Homo sapiens of one sort or another have existed on this earth for a very long time. They may not have been our species of man, but different bipedal forms have come and gone over the eons. Some of them may have bred with other forms of our species, stayed around for a time, left their mark, while others may have come and gone with only a small blip on the radar.

Then, there are so many legends that mark our folklore/mythologies that must have come from some sort of reality. These origins have either been lost in time or added to fairytales.

Megaliths in Brittany
What about the dolmens in Brittany that march toward the sea? Stories say the stones come alive every once and awhile and romp with we earthlings. Then, when it’s time for them to return to stone, any humans still dancing in their midst will also get caught and turned to stone. There are quite a few out of alignment which can only mean men and/or women have been caught at the wrong time. My grandmother told me this, brought down from her grandmother so it must be true.

There’s an obscure, ancient lore of a door that stands on a hillside where gods enter our world from their heavenly domain. Where did this come from? Where were they before they entered our world? Did they walk out of the mists onto our earthly soil from another dimension? Did they come to our turf and seed their humanity with ours, then leave and seed other planetary peoples?

Look at those pictures etched into the dirt of the Andes that have marked the earth for eons. Who did those? (Since this is more than like copyrighted, click Here)

As small as I am, I could not draw a picture of such magnitude that would have any decent straight lines, curves, and circles that, to this day, can be seen from 10,000 feet. Could you? Oh, I know what you’re thinking. This is an idea promoted by the Ancient Alien theorists, but maybe they aren’t completely off base. After all, even Carl Sagan said there were ‘billions and billions of planets’ out there. Could they all be empty of sentient life-forms? Even if someone with technology did not draw those pictures, then the people of the time were really very tall.

What will be revealed once the ice sheets melt? They are, you know. Melting. Not sure why. What if the ice thaws to reveal ancients life-forms? We don’t really know what happened before man came to this planet, how we came to be. We only know we are not alone. Our movies and television stories are filled with possible answers to all these questions.

We are curious. If we thought we were truly alone, we would not be looking at the stars, wondering of our origins.

Would we?

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