Wednesday, July 1, 2015


The Fourth of July is the most dangerous holiday of the year.  Every 4th, there are car accidents, drownings, and fireworks accidents.  The majority of deaths are from car accidents.

A lot of drivers hit the road on this holiday, and this increases the likelihood of serious crashes.  Often people attend barbecues and other activities that involve drinking.  And of course, alcohol increases the chances of deadly accidents.  Also, alcohol leads to drowsiness.

Fireworks mishaps raise the chances of accidents and many injuries affecting the head, face, ears, and eyes.  Fireworks displays can go awry and injure spectators, often seriously. A fire at a Seattle marina caused a million dollars in damages and sent clouds of black smoke into the sky before the actual fireworks display.  Someone had set off an illegal fireworks that hit the storage facility. It took 65 firefighters to quell the flames. A fireworks accident in a town north of Los Angeles left 28 people injured after an 'unintentional' detonation of fireworks into a crowd on this holiday.

Besides car accidents and firework mishaps, there are also bicycle crashes and swimming accidents.  Sadly, even parades can lead to fatal accidents.

Gun-toting macho men love to shoot off their guns, apparently not realizing that what goes up must come down.

It might take a psychiatrist to explain why celebrations and merriment so often bring out the worst in people. Yet it's true; parties and celebrations often lead to shootings, including on the Fourth.

Boating accidents may occur, and here again, the culprit is often alcohol.

All those who celebrate the Fourth of July, enjoy the day but stay safe.

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