Saturday, August 15, 2015

BWL Red Carpet - Casting Your Characters: Actresses

This month's behind the Cover Artist's Curtain is a special edition.  Today we will be Casting Characters.

This morning, the gentlemen had their turn down the red carpet - now it is the ladies who we will be meeting with.

The first one heading towards us now is Sarah Collins.

Character Name: Sarah Collins
Book(s) Featuring the Character: Sarah's Heart and Sarah's Passion
Author: Ginger Simpson

About Sarah: Sarah is brave, passionate, but she detests people who judge others.  She's a beauty, but doesn't flaunt it, and she loves Wolf like she's loved no other even though he's a half-breed.

Ginger's Casting Pick: "I pick Nicole Kidman because she looks the part and I've seen her in many roles and she so adaptive.  I think she'd make a wonderful Sarah."

Book Blurb:  Sarah Collins set her sights for California and a new beginning, but never imagines a war party's attack on the wagon train she joins. A sole survivor, Sarah must find her way back to civilization, and a man of half-blood happens along at just the right time and becomes her hero...or is the whole scenario only a dream driven by all the romance novels she reads as an editor?

Sarah wakes, her cheeks damp with tears. Like a dust devil in a dying windstorm, all traces of her handsome rescuer vanish with a farewell kiss and the annoying blast of an alarm clock...until he appears at her door as a new neighbor. Will Sarah find a way to win the love she tried so hard to capture in her dream without being declared insane, or will the sexy woman living an apartment away beat Sarah at her own game? 
A Shining Moment for Sarah:  

Stopping at the table where Sarah stood, the woman fingered an array of ribbons.
Sarah smiled at her. “Good morning. I couldn’t help but overhear your mention of an
upcoming social….”

The matron peered down her angular nose. “Yes, it’s a yearly affair, but…” Her cold,
gaze raked over Sarah’s attire. “Surely you aren’t inquiring for yourself. It’s usually only
attended by those able to dress for the occasion.”

Sarah gasped at the woman’s rudeness, but wasn’t about to let it pass. Cocking her head,
hands on her hips, Sarah drew up to her full height. “Oh, then there’s no worry. My mother
taught me to dress myself when I was quite young. She also taught me not to be rude to my
elders, so I’ll overlook the fact that you’re a snobbish old biddy.” Surprised by her own outburst,
Sarah stared at the woman with wide eyes, waiting for a response. None came.

With mouth agape, the older woman huffed out of the store. Sarah went back to perusing
the dresses and heard Clarence chuckling behind the counter. She giggled, too, pleased that she’d
stood up for herself. People who judged others by their appearance deserved the same disrespect.

Next is Emmeline Deveraux.

Character Name: Emmeline Deveraux
Book(s) Featuring the Character: His Dark Enchantress
Author Name: Victoria Chatham

About Emmeline: An intelligent, independent, adventurous young Regency lady who has survived intrigue in the Peninsular Wars. Dislikes the restrictions placed on women by the dictates of the period, especially when it comes to marriage.   

Victoria's Casting Pick: "Rachel Weisz as she most closely resembles my image of Emmaline. She also has starred in some action type roles as in The Mummy and The Bourne Legacy."

BLURB: A London season is the last thing bright, beautiful Emmaline Devereux wants. But her grandfather knows he is dying and insists that she find herself a husband and secure her future. But Emmaline has a past that, if revealed, will undoubtedly bring disgrace on her and those with whom she associates.   
Lucius, Earl of Avondale, has sworn to not marry until he is forty, but fate brings Emmaline to his door. Intrigued by her, Lucius swears to unravel her mystery even if it does mean a marriage of convenience with her to appease her grandfather. But then Emmaline’s past catches up with her and she is abducted. Will Lucius want to find her and will the truth tear them apart or strengthen their love?

A Moment Where Emmeline Shines:

Juliana started, her face as white as her sibling’s for she had now seen what Lucius must have seen. A curricle on the road ahead of them approached at a spanking trot. Her fingers plucked nervously at her brother’s sleeve.
“Lucius, you cannot! This is madness,” she cried.
“I said spring ‘em,” repeated Lucius.
Emmaline could not believe Lucius’ command. Had he gone mad? From her seat on the box she mentally measured the distance between her team and the curricle and swiftly assessed the likely gap between the two vehicles. 
Her decision made, she shouted back at him. 
“You may cripple your cattle if you wish, my Lord. While they are in my charge, I will not.”

And now, we have our next actress - Courtney Cox.

Character Name: Christine Scott
Book(s) Featuring: Pieces of the Past, Time To Kill
Author Name: Jamie Hill

About Christine: Christine is the mom of two whose husband embezzled money and was caught. She and her children are thrust into the Witness Security program and spirited away from Chicago to Topeka, Kansas. Her number one concern is her children, but the US Marshal who is sent to protect them captivates her interest, too.

Jamie's Casting Pick: "Courtney Cox Arquette has the look and personality of Christine. Pretty, sassy, smart."

BLURB: Pieces of the Past, Witness Security, Book 1

The past is closing in on Christine Scott. Uprooted from her pleasant life in Chicago, she and her two children are thrust into the Witness Security Program when the mistakes of her husband catch up with him. He lands in prison, while she and the kids are transplanted to a quiet Kansas town. Christine does her best to keep life normal for her active ten-year-old son and persistently moody seventeen-year old daughter. But when they start receiving gifts from an anonymous sender, reminders of their old life, it becomes obvious that someone has found them.

Doug Jackson’s been in service with the US Marshal’s office for fifteen years. He hasn’t lost a witness yet, and doesn’t intend to start with Christine or her family. If he can get them to cooperate, his job might be easier. Unfortunately, no one seems concerned about making Doug’s life easy. Not the man in the white sedan who eludes him, nor the pretty Christine, thoughts of whom he can’t seem to shake. Their lives depend on Doug keeping his head in the game, and he’s determined to do just that.

“Ms. Hill is one of my favorite authors and I’m reminded of that each time I read one of her books. She has a talent for taking the reader on a journey with unforgettable characters while developing a plot line that is highly entertaining.” ~ Val, You Gotta Read Reviews

“Jamie Hill tells a wonderful story that sucks you in from the very first page.” ~ Alisha, Two Lips Reviews

A Moment When Christine Shines:

Doug asked, "So what did little Christine White want to be when she grew up? Somebody’s wife and mother? Or did you have grander plans?”

“Well, being a mother is about as grand as it gets. But I started college to be an accountant. That’s where I met Larry. I got pregnant and dropped out, while he went on to get certified. So I guess I had grander plans, but they got sidetracked. And I decided I liked the whole ‘wife and mother’ business. Is that so wrong?”

“It’s not wrong at all. I’m sorry you got sidetracked, though.”

She looked at him. “I’m not. It brought me to where I am today.”

Doug chuckled. “In a safe house, on the run from a Columbian drug cartel?”

Swatting his chest, she shook her head. “I wasn’t thinking of the big picture. I was thinking more along the lines of sitting here on the sofa with you.”

“Hold that thought.” Doug rose and killed all but the dimmest of lights. He listened in the hallway, then crept back over to the sofa.

“All quiet?”

“Seems to be. Ben’s crushing candy on that stupid game. Whatever, as long as he’s occupied.” He returned to his spot and drew her into his arms. “Now, where were we?”

“We were discussing grand plans.”

“No, I think we were getting ready to do this.” He touched her chin and drew her face forward for a kiss.

Christine melted into him. Each time he kissed her she fell a little more in love. She wrapped her arms around his neck and instead of climbing on his lap, she pulled him down on top of her until they were prone.

He kissed her hungrily and their bodies shifted, his leg pressing between her thighs. She felt the firm ridge of his erection and bucked against it to feel more.

Groaning, he rested his forehead against hers. “Damn it, Christi. I want you in the worst way.”
“I’m right here.”

He chuckled. “You know who else is right here? Two US Marshals with guns, your parents and your kids.”

She grinned. “Which of those pairs worries you the most?”

And finally here is Rose.

Character Name:  Rose 
Book(s) Featuring:  ROAN ROSE
Author Name: Juliet Waldron

About Rose: Raised by a healer on the Yorkshire Dales, Rose is impulsively taken by the Countess of Warwick to serve her daughter Anne. Rose is glad to escape from her violent father, but misses the calm strength of her mother. Anne and her new servant bond; Rose will faithfully serve Anne until the latter’s death—and beyond. This places her at the center of a War of Roses story, where she is servant and confidante.  She is also childhood companion to the crippled lord, Richard of Gloucester. Rose is a strong woman who makes up her own mind about things. She hates cruelty and duplicity, but she’s surrounded by it. Though she loves her mistress deeply, she’s also fatefully drawn to Richard, a prince far above her station. Rose values loyalty above all else; whether her masters actually do, proves to be another matter.

Juliet's Casting Pick: Tatiana Maslany. If she can play 10 clones believably in Orphan Black, and in every role come across as a strong, smart woman, she'd be my perfect Rose.

BLURB: Loyalty Binds Her.  Poppet, playmate, servant, lover—Rose Whitby gave her heart and a lifetime of service to Lady Anne Neville and to the House of York.
A Moment Where Rose Shines

"I thought you would never keep pigs," Hugh teased, proudly leaning on his tall bow. "I thought you said they were dirty."
"They are and I did, but I have thought again."
"Changed your mind?  You?"
"Yes, Fletcher, I have."
"Humph. And it's a good idea now that you're that one that’s thought it?"
"No," I replied, annoyed by his eternal teasing, but determined for once not to show it. "Raising pigs was always a good idea, even when I didn't think so."
He played to his friends, rolling his eyes. Women!

Obligingly, the men around us chuckled. I shrugged. He must do what he must do after such a wonderful feat of arms, but I would have my sow, now that I understood the matter.

So what do you think?  Which of these lovely ladies deserve the best actress award?  Which character deserves her own award?