Sunday, October 18, 2015

Crazy Travelling Woman by Nancy M Bell

Welcome to October! Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I love the colours and the crisp edge to the air. Last night a tiny sliver of waxing moon hung in the clear deep blue sky. It seemed the whole world was silent and holding its breath, even the wind was still.
Since last month, I've been to Hawaii on a cruise ship. It was a very nice trip and the islands were spectacular. Walked on lava that flowed from Mauna Loa very recently (in earth terms) and visited a newly created black sand beach. It was pretty surreal - not to mention really hot!

There are some truly special and sacred places on this earth that have nothing to do with organized religion but only with the earth herself. Iao Needle on Maui is one of those places.

On an entirely different note, I won at the Casino on the ship and actually came home with money! Yay me. Go Lucky Lemmings! A down note was that over 100 people on the ship got sick with norovirus. Not Doug or I, thank goodness. But it made for some interesting times. When we docked at Hilo there were 5 ambulances that met the ship, and in Maui another 3. When we docked in Vancouver at the end of the voyage, there were 2 ambulances. We survived the "Plague Ship"! LOL First time I've ever run into sickness on a cruise, never washed my hands so often in my life.

Now I've been home for a week or so, I'm back volunteering at the animal shelter and getting ready to head off to Surrey for the Surrey International Writers Conference. I love this conference and have attended for quite a few years. Always inspiring to get together with other authors and have the opportunity to pick the brains of some wildly successful authors during their workshops. A highlight is always Jack Whyte's Master Class where 12 lucky people get to have Jack critique 3 pages of their work. It's sold out every year and if you don't register on the very first day, and right away at that, the class is full already. I'll have tons of news from this year's conference to share with you next month. This year is a first for the "Unconference" where attendees were invited to send in a proposal for a 15 minute talk on a subject they have expertise in. I'm happy to say my ABC's of Horses was accepted, along with fellow author and friend, Suzanne de Montigny I will be presenting on Friday afternoon for my 15 minutes of fame. It will be great to hear what other Unconference presenters have to share.

Are you ready for Christmas yet? Well, Books We Love is! Five Christmas themed novellas will be released on November 1, 2015 and only available for a limited time. I'm thrilled to say that my A Longview Christmas will be among them. This is a short story set on Christmas Eve and featuring the characters from Storm's Refuge and the upcoming Come Hell or High Water, all set in Longview Alberta.

Till next month, be happy, be healthy