Sunday, November 8, 2015

Books We Love Special Release - The Californios

In cooperation with the Estate of Jane Toombs, Books We Love is thrilled to release and updated and edited version of her Golden series.  The Californios, an outstanding Saga of two powerful families, one Mexican and on Anglo, in the years following the Mexican American war.

Following his father's death young Cameron Maguire's land is stolen by The MacLeods, and his home is burned to the ground. Determined to make his way in the new world and amass his own land, Cameron traveled to America, where he settled in California at a time when the wounds from the Mexican-American war had yet to heal. Through a series of chances and mishaps Cameron acquires his land -- a Golden Valley between Los Angeles and San Diego. But at what cost?

This is the first in a series of five novellas that make up Jane Toomb's saga of Mexican and Anglo families responsible for shaping the Golden State. These novellas will be released in two week intervals through November and December. Released for the Estate of Jane Toombs.

Available as an Amazon exclusive.  Volume 1 is now Free for 5 days.