Friday, December 18, 2015

It's Almost Christmas and we've got SNOW! by Nancy M Bell

Hello again. Hard to believe a month has gone by so fast. Christmas is just around the corner and the air is filled with carols and Christmas music everywhere. The town has put up their light display in Nose Creek Park and it is spectacular as always.

My birthday is on the 20th and man, I'm getting old! It got me thinking about Christmas when we were kids. I thought I'd share a few memories with you all. Every Christmas Eve we would pile in the car and visit four of my dad's five sisters. Auntie Irma lived near Ottawa and that was too far for a day trip. But we hit all the others, from Whitevale to Mississauga. By the end of the night we were full of junk food and high on sugar. One Christmas Eve we had just pulled in the drive at home when what did we see but Santa Claus coming down the neighbor's drive. My sister and I jumped out of the car and raced into the house. We slept in bunk beds in our parent's room. We ran through the kitchen down the hall and into our beds with our coats and boots still. We refused to get up and take them off because SANTA WAS RIGHT NEXT DOOR AND HE WAS COMING HERE NEXT!

Of course, he still came even though we only pretended to be asleep for about ten minutes before we really fell asleep. The Christmas Eve journey was always exhausting. In the morning we got up early and opened presents except for the ones for my gramma and grampa who lived with us. Daddy would make bacon and eggs for breakfast and then my grandparents would get up and we'd open presents with them. Right after that the kitchen was off limits to us as Mom and Gramma started working on Christmas dinner.

Aunt Francis and Uncle Jim always came for dinner and brought their dachshund with them. Over the years the dogs changed, but always a dachshund. Sandy, Tanja, and I can't remember the last one's name. We could get away with murder when Sandy was around because he would bite Daddy if he tried to discipline us. Aunt Francis sold Avon so we always knew the gift was something from Avon. For dinner Dad would pull out the big table that folded up very small and put in all the leaves so it filled the whole living room. Granted the house was pretty small but to me it seemed like the biggest table ever.

From my family to yours wishing you all the best for the Holiday Season.

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