Thursday, December 31, 2015

What’s the World Coming To? by Eleanor Stem


Our World in Crisis

It seems our world is undergoing a crisis. The human race is angry and our climate is changing. Are these connected? Do we feel the earth’s anguish and are, in like, responding? 

I spoke with a friend the other day who asked: “I think you are spiritual. How do you stay calm in all this angry mess?”

I had to think awhile on that one. My first answer was, “Yes, I am spiritual.” What I didn’t say is we travel in several dimensions but on this plane we forget about the other dimensions. This life is hard. We don’t want to think of the other dimensions that may be as hard as this one. 

Subconscious thoughts overlap and zing across our brow on a constant basis. It’s like brain synapses are flashing. Our senses can see, feel and touch these but we forget to look at them. Shadows of wisdom (which we gain through lifetimes) flit across our souls but by the time we consciously acknowledge them, they are gone. How many times do we think: “I had a thought but I can’t remember, now.” 

All the time. 

My friend then launched into a large list of physical ailments she’s been experiencing, and she knew they were all due to stress. My mom said stress can kill you, and I believe it. 

Our world is stressed. We are connected to each other and this plane we live on. We know we are a part of this world stress. We can feel the agony of abuse beneath our feet rise through our bodies and into our souls. We remember past experiences. We want to change what is happening but do not know how. This makes us frustrated, angry. 

There seems to be a lot of violence where the earth is most stressed. We feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do. This also causes a cycle of frustration then anger. 
The Storm Passing

Until we figure out how to stop this violence and anger, all we can do is try to rise above it. To do this, we can meditate. 

People have asked, “How do you do this? How do I know I’m meditating?” 

I say, “You don’t feel your body when you are lost in a good movie or book. That is where you want your physical being to be at when meditating.” 

Once you are there, visualize our forms rising out of the dark chaos into bright light. Once in the light, our ills will lessen. The trick is to remain there. It’s so easy to drift back into the chaos which I visualize as writhing centipedes on a dark floor. I don't want to see what those roiling creatures look like, only know they are dark and I don’t want any part of them to touch me. 

If everyone does this, perhaps, our world won’t be so stressed. Perhaps, there won’t be so much violence and anger. 

A Bright World

Many thanks to Wiki-Commons (public domain).  

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