Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 Is Officially Here. by Tia Dani

The year 2016 is officially here.
For Tia Dani, a new year always brings adjustments. Several deadlines loom, and our personal lives are in evolution (isn’t everyone’s?).

Fortunately our sense of humor keeps yelping. “Laugh more. Laugh more.”
Wise advice we thought. So…to increase our New Year resolution to do more, be more, we went looking outside our box and found a different way improve ourselves.

Here’s what we found. A Pagan Prayer for the New Year. After we read it, we decided we liked the positive attitude this prayer ends with.

Here’s to everyone whom we have touched, this prayer is for you as well.

                                                                   Magical Druid

 Happy 2016

  From Tia Dani. 

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