Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hidden Civilizations by Eleanor Stem

I believe much is hidden by stone and dirt on this planet we call earth. Ha! You say. Isn’t that normal? Well, yes, but I mean down deep, under normal archaeological levels not yet searched. I’ve discussed this before, in various forms, but my theory still remains. What will we find once the ice sheets melt? What will we find if we dig below seemingly impenetrable rock? What if  several intelligent civilizations existed before this current one, which I say dates back 100,000 years when various forms of homo-sapiens walked the earth?
Atlantis before it sank into the sea

People keep trying to find Atlantis. Some spiritualists think it was real. Scientists feel it was a small community that a volcano plunged into the Mediterranean Sea, and several documentaries try to explain this. I’ve seen pictures of supposed paving stones off an island in the south Atlantic. Off the coast of Japan, the Yonaguni Pyramid has been found that some feel were man made when earth was cooler, before the seas rose after the Ice Ages. Even if Atlantis existed on this planet, it was part of our time frame, early in our present civilization that include what many call ‘ancient civilizations’. 

Pangaea was a single landmass scientists believe existed during the Paleozoic and Mesozoic periods of earth (300 million years ago) until an event split it into sections. We are still undergoing continental drifts. The Atlantic is getting larger, the Pacific smaller. Our planet is continually on the move. Earthquakes, violent storms, climate changes all cause our lands to change. 

What was once is no longer. 

Scientists tend to classify, tag and identify all sorts of events, time, our brains, species that roam the earth’s surface. We’re looking for signs if sentient beings lived on Mars, if there is evidence of water. The lists are countless. 

It is human nature to categorize for understanding. Indeed, fossil remains have been found from these early eras that explain why there are animal similarities across the continents. But to date, no human remains from early earth have been located. 

What if there were civilizations prior to the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras? Their remains may be under mounds of dirt and rock that have yet to be excavated. What if their bodies etc weren’t as ours, that their bones, muscle and sinew dissolved into the earth upon death, leaving no indication they were here? Just because archaeologists and paleontologists haven’t found them doesn’t mean they did not exit. 

The continent of Pangaea stood alone in a vast ocean. Did it contain salt? Pangaea may have been an idyllic place to live where the people used this fresh water ocean for food, drink, and exploration. The peoples then could have created a multi-layered civilization. 

Then the continent broke into pieces. 

What would have caused this catastrophic change on the planet? You say, no, that cannot be. Per scientific evaluation, the planet always moves. Pangaea drifted a part. Once the continent split, did the new lands with the peoples float away to form their own societies? Not according to the records. Only simple creatures walked the land(s). 
I say if we peel away earth’s rock and dirt like an onion, we may find evidence of far earlier civilizations than the mind can comprehend. This world that whirls around in a galaxy among millions of galaxies, in a giant universe or universes, is more complicated than we ever imagined. Earth has been around for a long time. One day, we’ll discover what took place here hundreds of millions, maybe billions of eras ago.

Many thanks to Wikicommons, Public Domain for the pictures. 

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