Tuesday, February 9, 2016

From Regency and Beyond, Killarney Sheffield

Most of you know me as a romance author. I have spent years branding myself not as a historical romance author, but as just a plain romance author. Why you ask? As an author I like to take a break from the same old same old daily ritual of historical romance. It is kind of like deciding to have cheerios instead of mini wheats that day for breakfast. It is still cereal, still breakfast, but just a little change. I have had a time shift romance and a steampunk romance published. The subgenre may have changed but the two are still romance. The happily ever after is still there.

I had someone tell me the other day that authors should stick to one genre. I had to laugh at that because most authors don’t write just one genre. Just as most readers don’t read just one genre. Looking at my reading pattern for example, it shows a bit of diversity. I love reading historical romance, YA adventure, post-apocalyptic and even mysteries. There are only two genres I won’t read, hard core sci-fi and horror. In the last two years I’ve read, The Hunger Games, Cold Hearted Rake (historical romance), Divergent, The Lovely Bones, Nanny McPhee, If I Stay and Outlander. I am sure most readers are the same, they like to mix it up a little.

With that being said I would like to share my upcoming February 14th release, The Emperor’s Concubine with you all. It is not a historical romance, but rather a post-apocalyptic, new adult romance. It is based on the idea what if survivors of a past apocalypse found out it never actually happened. 

“Have you ever felt dead even though you’re very much alive? Sometimes I wonder if the apocalypse really happened, or if the world has always been as it is. Maybe my memories are just dreams and not reality... not this reality anyway.” 

Ocean Delany wants the world to change, she's tired of the same old grey concrete existence, but on her eighteenth birthday a change happens she will regret forever. This is the time when all girls who have reached majority are called to perform the ultimate service to the Emperor, and the future of mankind. Ocean is in danger of losing the boy she loves, her family and her life unless she can find a way to fight back. Freedom has a price however. If she is willing to pay with everything she has, her dreams may yet have a chance to live. It is a story for forever.

So if you are looking for a different kind of Killarney Sheffield read and still want the happily ever after of my usual tales try The Emperor’s Concubine.

Available February 14 from your favorite online bookstore.