Sunday, April 17, 2016

Promotion - Fun and Fury - Janet Lane Walters #promotion #MFRWauthor


Promotion not the most fun in the world but something we all have to do. Keeping your name out there is important and while not the greatest of fun. It's nice to have a publisher who gives you a boost in this department, Not all publishers do. Here, we are fortunate to have some help.

Another writer once told me one should promote every day. Now that can eat up time when one wants to write. I've devised a system that works for me. Not sure how much the system helps sales but I feel it does. I let Saturday and Sunday to be my days away from the WIP.  On Saturday, I sit down and do my blogs for the week. What does this do? Gets my name out there and sometimes recieves comments from people who might be looking at my books and even buyint them. There is an aid here. I use Triberr and my blogs are shared by a number of authors giving me a great width of exposure.

Sunday is my day for other promotional sort of thing. I write blogs for other authors. Some I know and some I don't. What this does is feature one of my books and letting others know a bit about me. I also look at promotional sites and see if there are ads that are within my budget. I also add any new books to several sites.

Doing these peomotional days allows me to spend most of my week writing and doing bits of promotion that don't eat up my writing time. I do Twitter and Facebook daily. Actually several times a day. I've found that not staying on line for a long time keeps one from running here and there. Sundays I feature one of my books and then I can send out a blast on Facebook and on Twitter. This gives a single book a few days of exposure.

Another way to promote yourself is to release or re-release stories frequently. I've been lucky lately in that I've completely re-written a number of stories and have been able to have BWL publish them. That makes for added exposure.

I'm not sure this will work for everyone but it's working for me. Doing 7 blogs on one day keeps me from scrambling. Finding places to expose my books keeps me from feeling too stressed.

Promotion is a necessary evil. Promotion isn't fun unless you can find a way to make a game of it. For me blogging seven days a week isn'thave. Rarely takes me more than ten minutes for each post. Short and sweet promotion.