Thursday, May 5, 2016

Books We Love's Tantalizing Talent ~ Author Kathy Fischer-Brown

I’ve always loved history. Way back in junior high, my mind would wander far from the class lectures on dates, battles, and treaties to musings on what it might have been like to live in another time.  For the past 30-something years, I’ve used that same curiosity to explore the past through social histories, diaries, old maps, attending re-enactment events, and use it all to enhance the settings of my novels and the attitudes and mores of the characters that populate the stories. I like to imagine these books as a passageway to another time, where readers can escape to a bygone era while being entertained by a good story.

Born in New York City, I live in central Connecticut with my long-time husband and two dogs.

Historical Romance
Winter Fire

Historical Fiction – Georgian/American Revolution
Lord Esterleigh’s Daughter (The Serpent’s Tooth, Book 1)
Courting the Devil (The Serpent’s Tooth, Book 2)
The Partisan’s Wife (The Serpent’s Tooth, Book 3)

Epic Fantasy Adventure
The Return of Tachlanad (Sword of Names, Book 1)

The Return of Tachlanad

When the queen receives an omen, it can mean only one thing: the fate of all she loves hangs in the balance. The land and its people will topple into chaos if a tenuous alliance cannot be preserved. Her husband misled by sinister forces, her son gone missing, she sends her daughter and wizard father on a journey far to the west to reach the impregnable stronghold of “the True King in Hiding.” There they will seal the truce with Elthwen’s marriage to the old king’s unwilling son and unite against the evil power that seeks to subjugate them.
An epic fantasy adventure for young adult and adult readers, The Return of Tachlanad is the first book in the “Sword of Names” series.

Courting the Devil

Four years after a near fatal blunder uproots her from her home and inheritance, Anne Darvey, daughter of the Marquess of Esterleigh, finds herself an indentured servant on a farm near Fort Edward in New York, as the British army advances toward Albany. Driven by guilt over the pain she has caused her father and grief over her lover’s death, she sets out to deliver a message. The consequences lead to the discovery that all is not as it seems, and sets in motion events that lead to love and danger.
Set against the backdrop of the American Revolution, Courting the Devil is the second book in “The Serpent’s Tooth” trilogy, which follows Anne from her childhood in the rural English countryside, to London society, and into the center of the American Revolution.

The Partisan’s Wife

Faced with an impossible choice, Anne is torn between her love for her husband and the hope of her father’s forgiveness. As the American forces follow up on their tide-turning victories over the British at Freeman’s Farm and Bemis Heights, Peter is drawn inextricably deeper into the shady network of espionage that could cost them both their lives.
Is his commitment to the Rebel cause stronger than his hard-won love for Anne? Will her sacrifice tear them apart again...this time forever? Or will they find the peace and happiness they both seek in a new beginning?

The Partisan’s Wife follows Anne and Peter through the war torn landscape of Revolutionary War America, from the Battle of Saratoga to New York, Philadelphia and beyond.

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