Wednesday, May 25, 2016

On the Road with Randall Sawka - first stop Korea


As my dear wife Nancy and I spend the next twelve months moving around the globe adjustments were the order of the week(s) when it came to writing.

Our first stop was and is Korea (Southern division).  Week one was a write off due to jet lag, acclimatizing to the Korean way of life, and a cold I picked up on the flight (don't worry, I was kind enough to share it with Nancy). When traveling we visit the odd "tourist attraction." However, we much prefer to live with the locals and eat with the locals.

As for writing, I like writing away from "home." Home is a hotel room until we take over our friends apartment in Taichung, Taiwan for a few months. I also like a slight din in the background. Either chatting or instrumental music. I will also add that I prefer a table. My first thought was to plop down in the lobby or the chairs outside the lobby. Not going to work. Aside from being small lobbies, all of the hotel's we have stayed at feature large TV's inside and outside the lobby endlessly playing K-pop dancing groups. This does not fit with someone like me who prefers classical music. Plan B was getting away from the hotel. I strolled to a park (Seoul) or the beach (Busan). 

Here I found the perfect background noise: men playing the ancient board game called Go. They played mostly in silence, the board in the middle of a flat bench and they straddle the bench at each end.

Here is example of Go game. It may have other names.