Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Books We Love's Tantalizing Talent ~ Author Katherine Pym

Katherine Pym for some reason really enjoys 17th century London, mostly the Restoration period of the 1660’s. Those years show the abrupt turnaround between the strict Puritan beliefs and the wild Monarchy romps, and how it profoundly affected the common man. On another note, Katherine and her husband divide their time between Seattle and Austin. 

The Barbers is historical fiction based in London 1663, a story that explores current events. This year is filled with science and medicine, the Royal Society and experiments that take place there. Bigamy prevails. Celia lives in a household filled with children from her father’s wives.  Sharing a shop with her father, Celia is a licensed barber who works as a healer. During her journeys, she crosses paths with the aristocracy who live in Whitehall, the home of the king. 

Jasper’s Lament is historical fiction, London 1664 when the London merchants clamor for war. They fear for their investments. The Dutch prowl the seas in their superior ships and are very rude to the English. Skirmishes take place, ports-of-call plundered. After his father’s mysterious death, Jasper discovers coded messages, letters penned in invisible ink which indicate plots against the king. Then, as war nears, Jasper falls in love with the daughter of a Dutchman.