Friday, June 17, 2016

J.C. Kavanagh My first ever blog!

Helllloooooo is my preferred greeting to friends, said in a song-like, near-soprano tone. Helllloooooo to you and thanks for visiting my very first blog.

Blog. Who thought up this word? I know it's catchy and short, though I would never call the word  'sweet' as in 'short and sweet.' Sounds more like a combination of swamp and dirt but what do I know. I've been told that if you can read and write, you can blog.

So, here goes.

I've always loved writing. Back in the last century, I began my career in the newspaper business as journalist and photographer and then worked my way up to the role of Editor. I had the privilege of helping to launch a small town newspaper where I reported local news and the ever-present political shenanigans (yes, they do occur in small towns, too). Many weekends were spent taking pictures of sports events and the occasional crotchety politician (yes, they are crotchety in small towns, too!) My focus later shifted to the private sector, where, for 20 years, I worked in communications and marketing. In 2014, an unexpected business restructuring put a halt to my career and with the support of my partner, Ian, I jumped full-time into creative writing - what I call my "word movies." Since then, I've written ten books: nine children's picture books and one novel for young adults called The Twisted Climb, published by Books We Love. I live in a small town in Ontario, Canada and find copious writing ideas from the wooded areas and wildlife surrounding my property. During the brief Canadian summer (don't blink), you can find me sailing the pristine waters of Georgian Bay in my sailboat, Escape Route II.

Now, back to you.
Enough, now back to me. :)

My first foray into the publishing world has been positive and insightful. Last year, I wrote a mini-novel for mid-graders and it was a little under 13,000 words. When I sent it to the publisher at Books We Love, her request was to expand it to novel length and make it suitable for young adults. I gulped in fear, initially, but my creative juices said YES! I completed the novel, The Twisted Climb, some five months later and for the last few weeks, my editor, Nancy Bell, has been a God-send. She's opened a new world for me - the art of editing oneself. Quite possibly the most difficult thing to overcome.
Nancy: You have 284 variations of the word, look.
Me: Okay..... (make a few edits)
Nancy: You now have 281 variation of the word, look.
Me: Still too much?
Nancy: Sigh. Newbies!

 The Twisted Climb is available on Kindle and will soon be available in print. Order yours today!

I'm having fun figuring out how to weave my way through Amazon and Goodreads and Facebook promotions. Never stop learning!

I'll leave you with something you might not have heard of before.
The only scale-covered mammal, found in hot and humid areas of the world.
And they are being eaten to extinction.
I've written a series of children's books on these delightful creatures (Mama Pangolin, her son, Foleydota and Grandmother Javanica), but alas, Books We Love do not publish children's picture books. Therefore, I shall keep searching. I believe awareness of these gentle creatures will help halt their extinction.
I'll share more about me and my pangolin friends next month!
In the meantime, you can reach me directly at or via e-mail at or respond to this blog. My very first!

J.C. Kavanagh