Friday, November 25, 2016

Randall Sawka, the Journey Continues

We have passed the six month mark for our one year vacation. It has actually grown to two years thanks to the amazing prices in the UK thanks to the Brexit pound collapse.

The countryside is so peaceful. I walk the endless trails, roads, and bridle paths. I stop, sit on a rock wall or bench and scribble down words, notes, etc.  Totally relaxed. Sometimes we come across a new friend. We will miss the Ross-On-Wye area. Everyone has been so nice.

This fellow was hamming it up for us.

Here, with Nancy's help, is where excellent story ideas turnup (sp, but coundn't resists.)

Took some time away from writing to make a hearty stew on a Hungarian Kotlich cooker. It works so well.
This is the surprise ending. Yes, that is a zebra in rural England.