Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Beginning a New Experience in a New Year

Christmas is over, the New Year already begun and here we are on the 8th January, my umpteenth birthday, shared with Elvis Presley and, I dare say, lots of other Capricorns. Everybody assumes that, because of my name, I was born in June. When I was a child our milkman used to serenade me with the song “It’s June in January, because I’m in love...”

I certainly wish I had been born somewhat apart from Christmas as I was invariably given one present with the understanding that it was for Christmas and my Birthday. Talk about losing out. Having said that, I’m a true Capricorn and happy to be one.  I also married a Capricorn and tend to get on best of all with people of the same birth sign.

So, what will 2017 bring? Last year was pretty disastrous in so many ways right up to the end and I’m still receiving treatment for two fractured vertebrae in my lumbar spine. But, thanks to Books We Love, I’ve started writing seriously again after a long break – I won’t bore you with the details - swapping the artist’s hat for the writer’s hat. 

I have a long saga in the final stages of editing and then I can concentrate on my historic novel for the Canada Brides series - “Veils of Angels” - set in Manitoba in the 1800’s and written with the assistance of a Canadian researcher.  I've never worked with a researcher before so even this is a new experience.  

The storyline is slowly evolving in my head and once I have the historic research sorted I can get on with the writing of it.  That’s such a challenge, but how exciting. I love writing about mountains and snow. 

My previous historic novels have mostly been set in places I have visited, such as Patagonia where I walked by glacial lakes and watched icebergs and glaciers, which inspired my novel “To The End of the Earth”. 

 So, because I’ve never been to Canada, I need to immerse myself in the research from my assistant so that I will feel I know it like my own backyard – which is in France, by the way, down by the Pyrenees.  We’ve lived here for nearly 26 years and this is the first time our mountains haven’t been blanketed in snow. The seasons, like my life, are changing. C’est la vie!

 JUNE [Gadsby]