Monday, February 6, 2017

Introducing You To Our Special Promotion Celebrating #Canada150

The Series:

Each of the Canadian Historical Brides novels features a historical event in one of the ten provinces and three territories of Canada. The books, based on actual historical times, combine fact and fiction to show how the brides and grooms, all from diverse backgrounds, join in marriage to create new lives and build a great country.

Brides of Banff Springs

Brides of Banff Springs
Now available at your favorite online and print bookstores

Coming in March 2017

His Brother's Bride

His Brother's Bride
Coming in March 2017

Coming May 1, 2017

Romancing the Klondike  

Coming July 1, 2017



2017 Blog Themes
JAN: The Beauty of Canada
Take a virtual tour of the splendors of Canada through the eyes of each authors.

FEB: Who's the bride?
Our authors will be introducing the brides from their books and telling you a little bit about their story. Warning: may involve teasers, but never spoilers.

MARCH: Facing Challenges
Writing historical and/or non-fiction can be a challenge. Read about each author's struggles as they work to bring their stories to life.

APRIL: Plotting
Writing any story can lead to a need to keep track of details, but when you are dealing with a historical setting, the details pile up. Read about the strategies each author uses for keeping track of details and writing their story. Are they a post-it note person? Do they create book bibles they follow faithfully? Are they pantsers, or careful and meticulous outliners? Read April posts to find out.

MAY: A Day in the Life
Let's face it, being an author is glamours and thrilling (ok, maybe not). So let's take a look into a typical day in the life of these authors - do they work a day job and then spend a few hours each evening flesh out a scene in their latest WIP? Maybe they are retired and write as the mood takes them. You will have to check each post to find out.