Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Canadian Historical Brides Northwest Territories and Nunavut revealed

Nits’it’ah Golika Xah (Fly Away Snow Goose)

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Our newest cover Fly Away Snow Goose will be released in December 2017. The cover was revealed by authors Juliet Waldron and John Wisdomkeeper on March 4.

About the Canadian Historical Brides - Northwest Territories and Nunavut

Yaotl and Sascho splashed along the shores of behchà, spears hefted, watching for the flash of fin to rise to the surface and sparkle in the sunlight. Tender feelings flushed their faces, so they laughed and teased one another with sprays of icy water. In the distance, the warning about the kwet'ı̨ı̨̀ (white Indian agents) sounds, but is unheard. 
Transport to the Fort Providence residential school is only the beginning of their trial, for the teachers intend “to kill the Indian" inside their pupils. Attempts to escape end mostly in failure and punishment, but Yaotl and Sascho, along with two others, will try. 
Wild geese, brave hearts together, it is do or die--homeward bound.