Monday, March 20, 2017

Forcing Myself by Ginger Simpson

I've completed a great many books, and the return is abysmal for the work I've put in.  It's no fault of my publisher.  Jude goes the extra mile to make sure we get exposure and everything good, but Amazon seems to have lost it's compulsion to push books.  I guess the existence of other box stores who ship for free and promise quick delivery is giving them a run for their money and causing them to focus elsewhere.  In the meantime, some of us have stalled on writing.

I'm trying to finish a book right now, but I got to the point where the heroine is in the throes of labor and she's too uncomfortable to speak to me.  I'm a "pantser" who listens to my chracters, so without her voice to guide me, I'm stuck in labor.  *lol*

Since I don't have much prepared to share, please excuse me if I use a recycled blog about tweeting.  I just had my taxes done and discovered I've spent 3 times what I earned.  I'm looking for less expensive ways to promote myself.  Care to help?  I'm discussing a topic that seems to be very political these days.

Twitter seems to be the biggest enigma of the promotion options.   If you read the tweets that are "trending"daily, unless you're a celebrity who is doing nothing worth noting, ask yourself why you bother.  Kim Kardashian shared a picture of her newborn hooking fingers with his older sister, North; Kate Mansi, An actress  on the soap, Days of Our Lives, is leaving the show, Anne Hathaway shared a picture of her in a bikini while pregnant with her first child.  Who cares?  I'd much rather read about me and my books selling.

Then there are articles about sites like Triberr that make you question whether or not you time is being wisely spent by sharing posts of tribemates who don't bother to share your's  If they do share, and you aren't "trending," does anyone read the tweet?  Can we compete with Mark Zuckerberg's announcement for his person challenges?

For the sake or educating those who have no idea what I'm talking about...Posts  at triberr are "blog feeds."  You set up your blogs to feed to Triberr daily with the hope that your fellow tribemates will mark them as shared so they will be tweeted widely.  For those who don't aren't familiar with Triberr, it's a tweeting site where you join 'tribes' that fit your needs.  For example, I belong to Historical Fiction, Fiction, Romance, and a few others, but then I read that there are folks who decide whether or not your blog posts fit their "agenda."  Some don't want to be associated with Porn, and of course non-writers care nothing for author's blogs.  That's why you need to pick your tribes carefully.

 I recently discovered that if you hover your mouse across a poster's picture, stats appear, and you can see whether that person is sharing your posts or not.  Today, I decided, if you aren't sharing mine, I'm not sharing yours.  Sadly, I hid more than I shared.  Why do I feel guilty?

For author's, finding inexpensive promotional sites is really important.  Those reviews that used to be easy to come by have become elusive and hard to acquire.  One of the reasons...most reviewers volunteer their time in exchange for free reads, and there are far more authors out there than ever before.  Choices are staggering, and unless you write a blurb that reaches out and nabs attention, your book is going to sit forever.  While I'd like to think my blurbs are real grabbers...they obviously aren't.

Speaking of reviews:  Now authors have to contend with what most refer to as "trolls."  These are people who leave snarky reviews that are usually a dead giveaway that they haven't even read your book.  The only logical explanation is that there are some authors trying to sabotage their competition, but this seems a little extreme.  Amazon is trying to remedy the problem, but is disallowing authors to review others authors the solution?  I may write books, but I also read them.  So far, I haven't had my reviews removed, but I'm aware of fellow authors who have...and they aren't happy.  Note:  Recently, I reported a review that simply said my book didn't deserve a review.  That sort of comment is neither helpful or wanted.  Of course it followed two great reviews, but I just wonder why I can't seem to even give a book away.  I just had a contest on FB and got only two entires.

Bottom line...whether we tweet, blog, or review, are we doing enough or are we spinning our wheels.  I'm always open to new ideas, so if anyone wants to share them here, please do.

Note from Ginger:    Currently, I've turned over both of my blogs to others, let my website go, discarded Triberr because I get tired of being the person who tweets everyone's post but gets very little in return for my efforts. Now I'm looking for things that cost next to nothing.  I guess handing out pens, flashlights, and notepads just doesn't impress folks.