Thursday, May 25, 2017

Randall Sawka - Back from the Year Long Journey

Spring has us springing across much of Canada to be closer to family. When the notion of moving from the sleepy Vancouver Island community of Oak Bay to the bustling city of Toronto crossed our minds it caused shivers-shivers of apprehension. We enjoyed nearly three decades in a community where your neighbours were friends with whom you shared vegetables and fruit from your garden and tea on the patio. A short walk to the ocean was a given. On the stroll to the esplanade we would perhaps meet three or four cars. Everyone you met said hello. The "main" street was really an English "high" street. A difficult place to leave.

The draw. What would coax us to make the move? Once we mulled it over the emotions moved from trepidation to exhilaration. Of course, the main draw is living closer to family. From a five hour flight to a twenty minute walk. Far better that video messenger. We listed the other pluses and made the decision to do what was described many times as brave. That word was annoying at first. Later we lived what was included in my previous posts, the ultimate pressure cooker. Was it always smooth sailing? Of course not. Non-writing work ended. No place to call home. Numerous flights. Never knowing for sure where we would sleep the following month. Now we are three days away from our new high-rise home in the heart of a big city.

So the year-long journey ends and we are thrilled with what we did and excited with where life has taken us. The city offers us nearly endless options for entertainment, food, and travel. The new start has even energized my writing. I'm working on two novels. One is nearly done and is set in deep space. The second was inspired by our research in to big city life. Once we take that final thirty minute drive to our new home I know that the ideas will gather quickly.
We are almost home.