Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Randall Sawka, Books We Love Western and Suspense Author

 My names is Randall Sawka. I live with my wife Nancy in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'm an author of western and crime mystery novels.

I'd like to introduce you to my crime mystery novel called Rough Business. This novel was number four on the Calgary Herald best-seller list.
Two detectives team up to hunt a ruthless killer.

Little do they know that there are two and they are twins. Twins with shattered lives, seething hatred, and brilliant minds. The police are led on a non-stop chase that leaves death and destruction at a level they could not imagine.
The twins plan is simple: massive revenge on those that devastated their family. Can the police corner them when they can't get closer than two steps behind?

I sat contemplating blog ideas and caught my reflection in the glass. New glasses!

New. What else was new? Well, I purchased glasses online. They cost one-quarter of the price compared to a retail store. Excellent quality and perfect fit. It turns out my dentist also used the company and liked it as much as I do.
Now my new specs, with new progressive lenses will guide me as I put the finishing touches on my latest novel. Oh, oh, another new thing. The Baganti Attack is my first Sci Fi novel. I don't have an image of these intergalactic troublemakers. They are a bit shy. However, the new cover will be out soon.

Life in Toronto (yes, new) is fun. I've dipped my thespian toe into acting pool. I've joined an acting group and an iprov group. Loads of fun and lots to learn.
The novel to follow "Baganti" is already taking shape. Oh, shape. It's new too. With the awesome gym and amazing walking along Lake Ontario I've dramatically increased my exercise schedule and reduced my food intake. It is paying off!
Speaking of life on the Toronto waterfront...
We are sandwiched between the water and the CN Tower. Quite the contrast from Victoria. The big adjustment is to the humidity. Yikes. Little wonder everyone here has AC.