Monday, July 17, 2017

Series and How They Began

Murder and Mint Tea (Mrs. Miller Mysteries)

Murder and Mint Tea started the mystery series featuring Katherine Miller, retired nurse and retired church organist. Though she doesn't wait a third career, bodies seem to find her. This began as a short story that was rejected with this comment "This sounds like the synopsis for a novel." I then had to learn how to write novels. For a number of years the short story and the letter sat in my file cabinet gathering dust. Then I found the story and soon had the story broken down to an outline for a book. The book sold well, even had a version on tape. Because of this, I set out to write a second and a third. I'm now working on the sixth to be released when it's done. Murder and Sweet Tea.

The second series I'll talk about is a four book YA written under J. L. Walters. This was a bit different for the start. I tell myself stories as I'm falling asleep. The written plan for the book came to over 100 pages so I knew I had to write what I thought was a trilogy, except it turned into four books. The story followed the coming of age of two sets of twins from the destruction of their home to the ending of the villain.
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I do have other series but they're not complete. There is the Moon Child series based on six women who have July birthdays and how they meet the men of their lives. The second is Opposites where the opposite signs of the Zodiac women meet the men of their dreams. There is the Seduction series that is complete.

Learning to Grow Lettuce Plants in Water by J.Q. Rose

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