Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ghosts by June Gadsby


I don’t normally watch cookery programmes, but switching on the telly the other day I was caught by a Geordie accent talking excitedly about her book which had just been published. She was one of the celebrities on the programme, young, attractive and had appeared on various TV shows, none of which I am a fan of, so I can’t remember her name except that she was called Vicki something or other.

The fact that she was also a writer encouraged me to continue watching, especially as the interviewers on the show were going a little overboard by her success. Well done, I thought. And good luck to her.

Then it came out and I deflated like a punctured balloon. Vicki spoke with some passion about the idea she had had for her second book and – wait for it – she got together with her agent her publisher, her editor and her ghost writer. The book agreed on and written by said ghost writer was then presented to Vicki so she could tweek it a little so that it sounded more like her writing it.

Money was never mentioned, but I guess it will become an immediate best-seller and pay more than enough in royalties to pay the rent and the electricity bills.

I feel I’d like to say a lot more on this subject, but words fail me. And if I did put my private thoughts on paper it could start a war among real writers and those who employ ghosts to do the work for them.

JUNE [Gadsby]
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