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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Priscilla Brown tries to make silver jewellery


  An entertaining contemporary romantic comedy

He almost runs her over, she breaks a shoe in a drain...what can he do but play Prince Charming? This near accident caused by Alistair is Cassandra's introduction to life in the fun lane. Both fresh out of inappropriate relationships and jobs, each is novelty value for the other. But their exes are pulling tricks to be reinstated, offering lifestyles where income is guaranteed. So can Cassie's passion for fashioning silver jewellery and Al's for re-purposing driftwood timber keep them fed? And is this too-much-too-soon chemistry fizzing between them fit for the long haul?

A few years ago, new to the area where I now live, I checked out possibilities for classes as I'm always interested in learning new things. Finding a six-week evening course on making silver jewellery, I asked it if would be suitable for a complete beginner; assured that it was, I signed up. Well, it wasn't. Or rather, the tutor preferred to work with the seven others, all of whom had done a course with her previously. Don't you hate it when a tutor pays attention only to those who already have some idea what they are doing? She started me off cutting silver, and only later did I realise she hadn't given any occupational health and safety information, surely essential in a studio with sharp tools, soldering and electrical equipment and a gas-heated dish. I pestered her with "is this OK?" and "what do I do now?" After the six weeks, I ended up with a ring, two pairs of earrings and an unfinished pendant.The ring was too small, one pair of earrings was too heavy, while the other, on which I etched a simple design, was definitely wearable.A few weeks later, I saw an exact copy of this pair under the tutor's name in the studio shop.So I might have been the student who knew nothing, but my design was marketable. I was very annoyed.
But I did come away from this unsatisfactory experience with something worthwhile: an idea for a story involving a silver jewellery designer. Silver Linings was hatched. I'd recently completed Hot Ticket which is located in tropical Darwin, and I wanted to set this new romance at the other end of Australia in an isolated area with harsh winter weather. I love researching, and if it involves travel, so much the better! I explored southern Tasmania, conceiving a wild island on the edge of the Southern Ocean. I also spent time in and around Hobart, visiting galleries similar to where my characters could sell their creations, and inventing a funky bar where Alistair takes Cassandra after he almost runs her over. No one almost ran me over, but I did get to a funky bar...

Whatever hopes and wishes are on your list, may 2018 deliver in spades! And, of course, great reading! 
Happy New Year from Priscilla

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