Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Thought For Food

I’ve been focusing on food. Specifically how to eat better and, especially, less. My research has taught me that it is important not to constantly think about food. More specifically, think about food at the proper time.

And, I discovered that the time to focus on food is when you are eating it. By slowing down and savouring each morsel I reduced the amount I ate.

After weeks of slow eating I realized that flavour trumps food types. My favourite tastes can be combined with the this amazing things called vegetables. A thought struck me a couple weeks ago about one of the foods I adore, crispy ginger chicken.

Ordering in became a no-no as it didn’t have the healthy ingredients I require (here are those ‘vegetables’ popping into the conversation again.

I took it upon myself to find the recipe that had the flavour I prefer and dramatically increase the amount of veggies. While it’s a time-consuming process it led me to the other sensation key to enjoying healthier food, texture.

The crunchiness of property prepared vegetables actually added great enjoyment to eating the meal. While this is not the healthiest recipe around I learned that the few ingredients that used to be taboo were just fine in moderation.

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