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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Ever-Learning, Writing Onward

Attending writers’ conferences is interesting for many reasons, the most obvious ones include learning craft and huddling in comradery. At each conference, I intentionally attend a workshop or two which have nothing to do with my genre or current writing needs. (That said, I do, however, read a number of books to keep up on craft, marketing, etc.) Last month I spent two hours at a conference learning about podcasting. I’m still letting that new information mellow in my mind, trying to decide how to work it into my writing plan. There is much potential there.

Take a leap sideways: I also am part of a writing group on GoodReads (Writers 750), where participants write a short story which include certain elements along with a setting or theme. Although four of my stories have gone into anthologies, none were written in my current genre.

Take another leap: Once I spent two full days learning how to trap and skin a rabbit. After taking what I’d learned, then writing it out over several pages to my own understanding, that research boiled down to two published sentences in one of my books.

Why should I learn new things (only to have them mellow in my mind) or write short stories (which are not in my genre)? Why, I ask? To learn. To grow. To never be stagnant.

What have you learned this month, or have needed a nudge (like this post) to get you indulged in learning that something new? Making wine, perhaps? Spelunking? Learning an instrument or new language?

Learn. Grow. Write.

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