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Saturday, June 9, 2018

What happens when you just can't reach that goal?

 ~ Last month I talked about setting goals … and the three simple steps of setting a goal and achieving it.  Setting a goal is important – in every aspect of your life.   But what should you do when you realize a year has gone by and you haven’t reached your six-month goal?

  It only makes sense … if you can figure out why the thing broke-down, you’ll have a much better chance at making it work the next time you try.  Well, the same can be said for setting and achieving goals. When you know the main reasons why people don't reach their goals, it’s much easier to find success with yours.

Why do we sometimes fail in accomplishing our goals?

The main reason is we are setting unattainable goals ~ Don’t set your goals too high. Creating goals that are unreachable not only makes it impossible to accomplish, but it also steers you away from setting goals. When you set goals too high and you never reach them, you can easily come to the conclusion … setting goals don’t work … they just add to the frustration.

Another reason goals fail is you’re setting unchallenging goals ~ Say what?  It may seem strange – but when you set an unattainable goal … it hinders your success.   When your goal is set too low, there’s no motivation to work hard. Therefore, you don't have to work that hard to reach your goal, and most likely you don't really care if you reach it either.

When you set a goal, make sure it's going to take hard work to achieve it … and remember – it must be challenging.  Setting goals too low decreases motivation and energy.

If you failed to reach a goal … ask yourself, was it unattainable or set too high?  Or was your goal too easy and unimportant to me?

Take time to think a goal through … and make sure it’s a goal that will motivated you to work hard and then … once you’ve accomplished your goal … be ready to feel the rush of success and knowledge …. I can accomplish anything if I set goals!

When BWL Publishing asked me to turn my one-book idea for Tango of Death into a trilogy ... I choked back my response .. You want what?  So what appeared as a daunting task was attainable ... because I set goals ... step-by-step ... and a single book - that I'd always wanted to write, turned into a trilogy.  I have to admit, had I not been challenged to write them ... they wouldn't exist.   And if I'm honest, I coudln't have done it without setting goals.  And I'm so proud of each story....

Book 1–Tango of Death Series - Gypsy Spirit is a story of the driving spirit of a Gypsy girl, who took it upon herself to document the truth. Her strength and determination brings to light a story of altruism, fears, and atrocities such a Gypsy girl might have lived through.
Book 2 – Tango of Death Series - Poland 1943-During WW II - Partisan Heart tells the story of a Gypsy girl who follows her beloved into the forests of Poland and the Ukraine.  Their partisan group is willing to risk their lives blowing up train trestles, attacking SS killer squads, and to infiltrate Nazis intelligence to destroy Nazi Germany.  Resistance does exist.  If nothing else, to die with dignity is a form of resistance.

Book 3 – Tango of Death Series, JEWISH SOUL. Mayla Sucuri’s world is falling apart . . . no Gypsy is safe in Hitler’s Germany and Mayla refuses to turn down the opportunity to take notes and bear witness to the atrocities happening at the concentration camps. Will it get her killed?


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