Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Is the World Slipping Into Lunacy?

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Is the World Slipping Into Lunacy?

In The BC Province newspaper on Sunday August 5th I came across a news article that made me realize the world is truly messed up. The writer stated that “A poisoned supply of street drugs continues to kill our loved ones and devastate families across our city. Lives are on the line---people need access to safe prescription drugs rather than being forced to turn to the deadly drugs from organized crime on our streets.”
First of all prescription drugs are legal, from your doctor. People aren’t forced to buy dangerous drugs, they choose to do it (I’ll explain in the next paragraph). Did it not occur to the writer that supplying drugs, legal or not is against the law, unless you are a qualified doctor. Who is supposed to pay for these safe drugs? We the taxpayers? My wife had to use the ambulance this last year when she had a brain injury. Guess what I had to pay for those trips, do you think the druggies are getting bills for their rescues?
So as a writer, in some of the research I’ve done and the people I've talked to, I’ve found this out. Whenever a drug dealer is discovered to have dangerous elements in his drugs, Fentanyl or Carfentanil (which is even stronger), the police tell me that he is swamped with buyers. They want the better high, that is why the dealers make the stuff.
Also the government is supplying Naloxone kits, which if you overdose it will bring you back to life. So guess what is the newest craze, Yo-Yoing. One person OD’s and his buddy hits them with the Naloxone in order to bring them back to life. Why, can’t get a better high they say than Flatlining.
Free drugs? What’s next? If I was a alcoholic or a smoker and ran out, can I go to the government and ask them for free booze and cigarettes? Cause if they gave it to me, I’d only want more and more. Same with a large amount of drug takers.
So more than likely if you supply some of these people with safe drugs, they’ll find a way to sell them or spike them with something stronger. It’s the high they are after, ask them, I did. For some nothing else matters.
Not all, I sympathize with the families on this. So don’t get me wrong I feel deeply for the victims, which is the families, the parents that are left to suffer over a death of their loved ones. That is the bigger part of the horror of drug overdozing. These people care little about themselves and less for the ones that love them, like people that commit suicide, only this is a slower form.
What we need to do is start treating these people and asking why they make the choice to do drugs. Yes, Choice.
I choose to smoke and drink, and work. These people make the choice to take drugs. So you need to get in their heads and find out why. Simply enabling them to do more drugs safely isn’t the answer. Because if it was all of our Quote “safe drug sites” would be helping, but they are NOT as the number of OD’s continues to climb far higher after our province began to have safe injection sites and needles. We are simply enabling them and watching our loved ones die. That is compassion in reverse.
I think we should be doing the opposite, send the ones that are rushed to hospital into clinics, lock them up, clean them up and find out why they are doing what they are doing. After two or more trips, lock them up with severe prison times. Give drug dealers very severe charges, minimum twenty or more years in jail and longer after the first charge. Make anyone caught taking drugs take testing before they can get Welfare. In our province the bulk of OD’s happen on Welfare Wednesdays.
I’ve talked to several paramedics and ambulance people. They are getting very tired of trying to save someone’s life, only to go back the same day and do it again. And again.
The title of that article was, “It takes Moral and political Courage”. I think it takes more courage to take a firm and severe hardline in attacking this problem. Don’t believe me, research the countries that have severe penalties, they don’t have the craziness on our streets like we have and what we are doing is only getting worse every year. Look at the stats people that’s all you need to see and begin to protest to the government for a hard ball line on drugs.
What you need to do is empower these people. In Fort Worth, Texas they now hire street people and pay them to clean the streets, they also give them housing. The results? The street people are grateful and do a much better job than the paid city employees. It is obvious they take pride in their work.
 Make the drug people realize that they have control of their lives and everything they is a matter of choice. Make them accountable for their actions and if they break the law, put them in jail. It happens to the rest of us breaking the law.
I truly am starting to believe by being compassionate, I was in favor of the safe injection sites at one time. Not now, I believe we are simply enabling more to overdose. Check the facts, you’ll see.
And my dearest sympathy to those that lost someone to an overdose. My heart goes out to you.

Frank Talaber

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