Saturday, August 25, 2018

Walk On The Urban Side
Walking. One of our joys. Many days three to four hours. Some days six or seven hours.  In Victoria it was a breeze, an ocean breeze and cooler temperatures that made the strolls grand.  The skies are blue-mostly-in Toronto during the month of August. Temperatures are in the high  twenties or low thirties. With the humidex it feels like +40 many days. This is not weather made for a   walker.A hot day and miles and miles of concrete absorbing the heat equals, well, yikes.  What would one do to get our strolling fix? Walk at five AM. Nah. I’m asleep at that hour.  One has to adapt. Toronto may not have an ocean breeze. However, it does have something close,   real close. Outside our window is Lake Ontario with miles and miles of parkland and walking trails.  With careful research. OK, it wasn’t that difficult. After all there were only two direction to head  once you were at the lake shore. I find strolling west is best. Although I do like Leslieville once   you get there heading east. West takes us to High Park an amazing place with blossoms in the   spring and trails to keep you moving.One must never forget the coffee stop. A street near the park  is loaded with local coffee houses and delicious beverages.  Ah, the lake shore. A place of five degrees cooler temperatures. Only the most vicious heat   would stop my hikes. Frankly, there haven’t been any yet. The walks are not lightening quick,   but they are paced. Now, where would one settle down to rest for a bit? I know. How about in one   of Toronto’s hundreds of Adirondack chairs. Fine, they call them Muskoka chairs.   Don’t tell them but they are Adirondack chairs. 

When I said that there are only two directions to walk I fibbed a bit. We simply have to hop
on a ferry and walk around amazing Toronto Island.

Whew. Looks like we landed in a great part of Toronto.

Um, winter is an issue. It is quite a bit cooler beside the lake. Oh boy.

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