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What Do You Do When A Series Ends? - Opposites in Love

I’ve been a student of Astrology for years and while deciding on a book to write, I thought perhaps, one where opposites attract. Aries and Libra were the first I chose. Now this was originally written years ago and I had to do some updating like getting rid of station wagons, giving my characters cell phones and putting computers into the hospital where I chose to base the six friends

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First in the series is Aries-Libra.
Jenessa is union and Eric is management. She charges ahead, sword in hand. He likes balance and looking at all sides of a problem. They must learn to work together to solve the hospital’s problems. This story had a bit of myself in it when I was part of a committee trying for a union at the hospital where I worked.

The second in the series is The Taurus Scorpio Connection

Lauren a Taurus says her mother was ahired nanny and her father the Mellwood bank. She is searching for a home and returns to Eastlake where she went to college. Alex , A Scorpio has been burned by a rick woman who deserted him and their son. He has no desire for marriage and fights the attraction. This story came when reading about a poor little rich girl and got tied up with a charity donation for Doctors Without Borders.

The third in the series is The Gemini Taurus connection. Liz the heroine is a Gemini. She is a single mother raising twin sons. Her husband, a volunteer fireman, died trying to rescue a woman leaving her with two six week old babies. Jeff, the hero is a Sagittarius. He had a wonderful marriage and has no desire for another. Widow and widower raise sparks and his ‘hoof in mouth” disease provides some humor. Having Genini and Sagittarian family members, this was sort of written for them.

The fourth in the series is The Cancer Capricorn Connection.  Cate is a Cancer and a single mother. After taking a new position as a nurse manager of the Rehab facility, she is happy to be with her friends. When she learns Rick, her love from the past and the father of her daughter, she must learn to forgive the man who deserted her, the man she never tried to find.  Rick has his own lessons to learn and one is he still loves Cate. Is this love hopeless?  This story has a bit of myself in it. I’m a Cancer but never experienced being a single mother.  But I spent time in a rehab hospital when I had my knees replaced.

The fifth in the series is The Leo Aquarius Connection. Suzanna returns to Eastlake to join her friends as nurse manager of the Pediatric unit. She has a fifteen year old brother who was in a horrific accident and is undergoing rehab. She almost decides to leave when she learns Caleb a pediatrician has joined the staff. In the past, Caleb, a wealthy young man had propositioned her. She refused. They have a lot of learning to do, especially when Caleb’s parents push another woman into his path. Part of the inspiration for this book was watching a romance involving these two signs emerge.

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The sixth and final book of the series is the Virgo Pisces Connection. Megan Pisces has been in every one of the other books. She is the matchmaker. Valentine’s Day is at hand and she has no one special. A series of deaths on the Oncology Unit sends her running. During a blizzard like snow storm, she crashes into Virgo Dave’s life. He is a traveling doctor, never staying in one place for long. Megan can think of nothing better than living in her home town. She opens her eyes after the crash and asks if he’s her Valentine. Other complications fill their relationship and they part knowing little about each other. This book brought some memories from my early days as a student nurse.

This whole series is dedicated to the nurses past, present and future who have touched my life.

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